Saturday, 7 December 2013

Toys R Us Christmas Make and Take Event Rundown.

Image from Toys R Us Website.

 This morning we had a Toys R Us Make & Take Event. I booked our kids in for the 10:30 am session. When we got there, there was nothing or no one to help point us in the right direction. After a lap around the store thinking it would be near the LEGO section. Nope we found it in the baby section of the store. I got my kids names crossed off the list and was handed 2 little ziploc bags and an instruction sheet for each of them. We were directed  to a table where all the parts were sorted into trays. We proceeded to pick out the parts we needed to build their set. The kids were so excited at getting to pick out their own pieces to build. Once we did a lap of the table, I double checked their contents and went and sat at one of the 3 tables so they could get started. I was surprised at how few kids were there. Maybe about 6 in total for our session. So there I was sitting, watching and guiding as they built their set. I should have put my name down too :-P So I had something to do. I could have sat and colored in a little Christmas elf, but held myself back. After the kids were done building they decided that they wanted to color in that Christmas elf. It took them longer to do that then it did to build the little set.

Below is what Chloe and Jaspa got to build.

Here are the instructions they got to build with for their Christmas tree, presents and Santa. 43 pieces in total.

Here is the back half and now you too can replicate this build with your own parts.

Here is the finished model. Cute!

We will have to add our own colored 1x1 round plates to put some life into the tree.

It was a great day and the kids had so much fun. They are looking forward to the next event.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tan Tile... Out!

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