Monday, 16 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Sixteen Review.

Hello and welcome back for Day 16 in our countdown towards Christmas. Today we have a couple of things that are basically continued from previous day reveals. In particular the City and Star Wars Calendars have a continuing theme going on.
So lets see what they are.

On this overcast Monday morning Chloe opened her Friends Calendar door to reveal a table. Is it a table? The more I look at it the more it seems like a flower in a bed of snow and 2 pairs of ice skates sitting on top of a foot stool. The use of 1x4 plates in both White and Reddish Brown instead of 2x4 plates, I suspect it is to push up the parts count in the overall Calendar.

Spares for today. 


Today in my City Calendar I got 4 wheels and Tyres and a oil/fuel drum. I going to go out on a limb here and say ***SPOILER*** a Go kart tomorrow. :-P I'm Guessing we are halfway through this little sub theme and Day 18 will start a fresh. 

 For now this is how I am using yesterdays little mystery accessory. As a pneumatic gun to change tyres. Unless it is an engine... we will have to wait and see... and if it fits in nicely that's what it will be...

Just a spare nozzle for today.


Just like the last 2 days were Geonosian inspired, today is no different. Jaspa got another gun rack, with a Geonosian feel to it. He also got a Geonosian Sonic Blaster and a Clone Blaster. When Jasper first saw the picture he thought it was a droid. huh... it kinda does.

A couple of spares.

As you can imagine Jaspa is loving his new gun rack, just like he did back in day 7. Right now he has his Sonic Blaster on his "ugly man" (as he likes to calls him) and is at war with his Clone trooper. He switches the blasters from both racks quite frequently. Chloe loves the little ice skates! She didn't really get a chance to play with them on our frozen pond  in our nativity scene, because she had to go to school. But I am sure when she gets home that's the first thing she will do.

Well that's another day out of the way.

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow for Day Seventeen!

Tan Tile... Out!

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