Friday, 20 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Twenty Review.

Welcome for Day 20 in the Advent Calendar reviews. Only 5 more sleeps till Santa arrives with some larger LEGO goodies! There are only 4 days left with these Calendar reveals and each morning arrives even faster then the last. Normally the days slow down as we get closer to Christmas but these Advents have really help the time pass by.
So what did we get today?

In Chloe's Friends Calendar she finally got her Christmas Tree! And thank goodness for that! She was beginning to think that she wasn't going to get one. We still have last years in the nativity scene under our tree but now she can either replace it or add both together to build a larger one. But something tells me that the 2x4 Green plate is meant for... something. ;-)
It's also Bigger then mine :-( and she didn't have to wait an extra day for her tree topper... no fair!

Just the 2 spares.


In my City Calendar I got an adorable looking micro fire boat to build. It looks like the boy Minifig from Day 18 can use his "Power Functions" remote to control the fire boat as well. It's great to finally start getting some toys to go under the Christmas tree. The kids loved it when I showed them. NOTE: This Boat Does NOT Float. :-P

The spares...


In the Star Wars Calendar Jaspa got a micro Obi Wan Jedi Starfighter to build. There have been some great ships in this Calendar and Jaspa has loved every single one of them. To me it looks a bit like a Battlestar Viper.
I think I might make a few others in different color schemes like: a yellow one, a blue one or a Green one etc... Jaspa will get a kick out of it.

Today's spares.

An all round good day I think, with some great little models to build. Chloe rushed to put her pressies from Day 12 under today's tree and want's to take her own photo's when she gets home from her last day of School today (grade 1)
Because Chloe got a Christmas tree this morning and I got mine in Day 12, Jaspa wanted to know if he was getting one too :-( But Chloe - being such a great big sister offered to share hers... I also reminded him that he has one from when we went to the TRU Make & Take event. So he is using that... as well as his sister's one :-D

Well that's it, Day Twenty is done... Only 5 more sleeps to go!!

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow for Day Twenty-one!

Tan Tile... Out!

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