Monday, 9 December 2013

Motorized LEGO 10235 Winter Village Market with Power Functions.

Yesterday my Mum and Dad came over to visit the Grandchildren. In their hand they had 8293 Power Functions Motor set. They asked if I could use this for our Winter Village Market. I said "Sure... I think I can... Thanks!"

Now I have to admit, other then the power function trains we own I am not very familiar with using them.
Just to see how it worked I took off the handle that you manually turn, and put the motor on... If it had wings it would have flown!! Both horses flung off it... went that fast!

Now I had to work out how to use the gears... At first (what took about an hour) I had this 16 stud long line of gears to slow it down. but it was still too fast, until I pick this little piece up out of the tray...

It slowed it down to the perfect speed! What was a gear line of 16 studs long has now been reduced to 1 stud away from the hut all because of one piece.. Below is a quick video of it in action.


  1. Not much else to say except that looks awesome! :)

  2. great one!!! let me try it out as well... Thanks for inspiring!!!

  3. I have been messing around trying to get this to work as well. Where did you get that piece? Do you have pics of the install process?

    1. Hi, These are the sets the worm gear is in...

      and here is a photo we took and posted on our Flickr page...

      Hope this helps :)

    2. Thanks for this info! The EV3 will be opened tomorrow, so I will actually get that piece.