Thursday, 12 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Twelve Review.

It's Day 12 today in our Advent Calender reviews and we are now half way in our countdown. The kids had a late night last night as we drove around our local area viewing Christmas light decorations on peoples homes. They always enjoy them but like every year, we have daylight savings and it gets darker later and later, the sun didn't go down til about 9pm. This made them very sleepy this morning which gave me no real reactions to record.
Any way lets see what they got...

Chloe got a couple of presents today :-/ pretty lame IMO. Last years looked heaps better. But Chloe was happy to add these to last years tree, well - until she gets to build one for this year - Tomorrow maybe?

Just the one spare today. I'm starting to get a mighty collection of these.


Well in mine I got the Christmas tree that Chloe needs lol. This is a short and stubby looking tree. Our Minifigures are only one brick in height shorter then this tree.

Just 2 spare translucent pieces with this build.  


 In the Star Wars Calendar Jaspa got a mini Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier or for short a LAAT/c. We see this ship very briefly at the end of EPII AOTC dropping in a AT-TE. That scene looked awesome when I first saw it. It's a great rendition for such a small build.

Here is a shot of the LAAT/c with yesterdays build the AT-TE. I love it! I think it looks really cool.

1 spare for this one too.

Jaspa half asleep, wanted to build today's but he just couldn't... his eyes and hands wouldn't work together :-D He is liking the LAAT/c's play feature and dropping off the AT-TE all around the house.
Chloe liked her presents even if I thought it was a lame effort... But if she is happy with them well then so am I - After all these Calendars are aimed for kids. ;-P
My tree is OK but where is my Star for the top?  :-( It could have been 1 slope higher too.

That's it for Day Twelve folks.

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow for Day Thirteen! ooh unlucky for some.

Tan Tile... Out!


  1. I used the spare trans yellow 1x1 round plate from today's build as the star on least until a better option (hopefully) comes along in the coming days. :-)

    Thanks for the daily reviews; I'm really enjoying reading about all 3 calendars (I only have the City one), and it's nice to have a review on the same timezone as me, although I don't open mine until after work, so I have to avoid any spoilers until then... ;-)

    1. Good news is... in day 13 we get our star :)
      I'm happy to hear you are reading them and are also enjoying them!
      Thank you for commenting... reassures me that I'm not just talking to myself :)

    2. I just found out! :-D

      Oh no, definitely not just talking to yourself...been an avid reader for several months now, so please keep it up.

    3. PS Plus I've seen your site name-checked in a couple of comments on the Brickset advent calendar reviews, so I'm not the only one reading your posts...

  2. I thought the presents were ok - nothing special, but it's hard to do much with presents on that scale. It's so weird to hear that it doesn't get dark until 9pm where you are! By 4 or 5 here it's dark so we look at the Christmas lights on our drive home. We just got some snow too which makes everything more Christmas-y. Nice review!

  3. It normally gets dark at about 6, but it's now summer here and we have to put our clocks forward an hour for daylight savings... it's hard sending the kids to bed when it still light out side lol. The only snow we get is what our freezer makes :D and our winter village sets... thats as close as we get to a snowy Christmas :)

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