Monday, 9 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Nine Review.

Welcome back for day nine. I think we all have Mondayitis, reason being both kids and I couldn't be bothered doing our Calendars Today. We just wanted to stay in bed and not get ready for school. But we soldiered on and did both, and even made it to school on time. :-P

Chloe opened her door to reveal what I guess is meant to pass as a stool? and a storage box for a future day? Maybe some accessories like hair bows and brushes and combs. It's to store something, we have seen this type of thing in 3187 Butterfly Beauty Shop set. We will have to wait it out.

The Friends Calendar provides the only spares for today.

In my City Calendar I built a bench seat. Something to add to the table? Or is it a park bench?

Jaspa was able to build a Acclamator Class Assault Ship. A neat little interpretation of a much larger type of vessel.
Not a lot to say about the builds today. The kids were too tired to care so didn't get much of a reaction out of them. All I see are some useful parts for the future.
That's it for Day Nine.

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow!
Tan Tile... Out!


  1. Ok…here I am posting a comment twice - the first time I tried using my wordpress account and I have no idea if it went through…sorry if this is a duplication!

    I just wanted to say that I really don't understand the Friends' build for today either. I have no idea what the brown thing. I was thinking a cake, at first, but that's a weird cake. Hope we find out what it is!

    1. Hey Joelle! Thank you for commenting! Nope this is the only comment showing up. I have set up my settings so anyone can comment so that no one has to sign up. So what you comment as now should be saved in your browser for future comments.
      Indeed it was confusing with today's / now yesterdays Friends build. We had some kind of idea from a previous Friends set and it seems to hold true as today's we get some accessory's to add
      to today's / yesterdays build.
      P.S I have also added yo to my blog list.

  2. I'm not sure what happened…I put in my wordpress username, and then when I hit publish the whole comment just disappeared and there was no message about it being successful. Oh well. Today's item definitely clinched it - stool! I'm in the US and we just opened today's doors - it's 8am. Any idea how far ahead of us you are?

    Thanks for the blog list add! Although that's my old site - I was on blogspot and switched to my own domain ( If you can add that site instead, that'd be great. Every once in a great while I do go back to blogspot and post an update, but not too often!


    1. No problem I'll change that now... It's now 12.32am Wednesday morning so I would say about 14 hours ahead of the U.S