Wednesday, 11 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Eleven Review.

Welcome back for Day 11 in the countdown to Christmas. Today was a mixed bag of emotions for Chloe. She was happy with what she got, but also bummed because its the second day in a row without building a thing. Trying to get Jaspa to pronounce what he got was a total head spin... it's only 4 letters, You think could I get him to say it right? nope... lol. I have to keep reminding myself he is only 3.

When Chloe open her door to her Friends Calendar she sang out "boo yeah! I got some cash... I got some cash! and a basket... oh and some coins..." After her little sing and dance she asked "I didnt get to build anything again?" and handed it to me so I could take the pics. I prompted her to the idea that you need "cash" to buy things from your stalls.  On the door it shows that one of each go into the basket.

Put the lotion in the basket.

Now we are getting somewhere! As each day passes Chloe's Calendar diorama starts to get more livelier.   

Just the one spare today... although it can and will go into her basket.


Behind door number 11 in my City Calendar we got ourselves a BBQ with a lone sausage on the grill with a flame exposed. Good thing we got a firefighter yesterday to keep that flame under control.

Here is shot of Day 1 to Day 11 of this Calendar so far.  With the 2 spare sausages and forks (now I'm thinking tongs) in yesterday build, the burglar and police officer line up to get their fill. Today's sausage goes to her trusty dog, who I call Patches.

Here are the spares. I was kind of surprise there was no spare sausages today... but I assume LEGO has a method to their madness by giving you 2 extra yesterday for the Minifigs that have already been built. So any that come now are too late to the party and miss out. 


In Jaspa's Star Wars Calendar He got a AT-TE mini build. Now trying to get him to say it was harder then his potty training. He got the "AT" part right but the "TE" was the issue. To him it's an "AT-Tee", His tongue can't separate the T-E so to him it's "Tee"... Getting him to try and say it right was getting him frustrated and in the end, all he would say when I try to pronounce it with him was "That's what I said Daddy!" Oh well... he is 3... I must remember that!

Here is a group shot from the start to now. Not a bad looking collection. for me I still cant work out which is my favorite yet. As for Jaspa, it seems the Gun Rack is the most played with at the moment, and the Clone Trooper for switching out the guns with it.

A solid amount of spares today. 

I had some fun with setting up the group shots today. When they are all together they really do pop out and give you a sense of worth. I didn't think I would ever shut up today, its the most words I have written for any of the Advent Calendar reviews... Thanks for sticking with me if you made it to the end.    :-D

That's it for Day Eleven folks.

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow for Day Twelve!

Tan Tile... Out!

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