Wednesday, 4 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Four Review.

Hello again. Welcome back for Day Four of our Advent Calendar Reviews. The kids and I have been enjoying waking up to see what is behind the door each day and today is no different. It' quite strange waking up and looking at sites like Brickset and seeing their review of the Calendars and them being a day behind. I feel like I am in the future when I see it :-P
Lets go and see what we got today...

In my Daughters Friends Calendar, door number 4 revealed the second Mini-doll in the set. According to Brickset She is named Lily. This is Lily's first appearance in the Friends theme. She has a single side printed torso with a Moose and Christmas holly pattern printed on the front of her sweater. She also has printed legs


In day 4 of my City Calendar I got a cute little Snowman holding a carrot. He also comes with a top hat and red scarf.

These are the spares from the Snowman. 2 red scarfs (which I can add to my winter Village nativity scene) and a carrot.


Finally in my Sons Star Wars Calendar he got to build a mini Zam Wessel Speeder. I still remember that scene and it's first time in a Star Wars movie to use an electric guitar in it's score. Sounded awesome!

Here are the spares we got for the speeder.

The Lily Mini-doll looks very nice with her sweater and my Daughter went straight to her little Christmas tree from last years Advent Calendar and sat her next to the other Christmas themed Mini-dolls.
My Snowman looks good but I was more excited to get 2 spare scarfs than I was about him... lol
My son absolutely loved his speeder and is running around the house swooshing it as we speak. I've had to repair it like 5 times already... :-D

Day Four of the Advent Calendars are done. Thanks for reading and Check in tomorrow to see what the next build will be.

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow!

Tan Tile out!

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