Wednesday, 18 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Eighteen Review.

Welcome back for Day 18. Before we start I would like to share a link that we did for a LEGO competition on Facebook. It's for the LET"S BUILD promotion that LEGO are promoting. Hit this LINK to see Chloe and Jaspa. Don't forget to Like it :-) each week for 3 weeks 2 random winners will be selected for a LEGO prize. So we will cross our fingers and see the outcome. 
What did we get today in our Advent Calendars? Scroll down to take a look....

This morning Chloe got a Snowman/woman/person... You can choose the one that suits you ;-)
She/He/It (again you choose) comes with a Reddish Brown broom, Red scarf and a Lavender beanie.
The Lavender beanie is only available at this time in one other set, the 40082: Christmas Tree Stand which we reviewed last month.


This morning in my City Calendar I got a little boy with a remote control. He has a single sided face and torso print. His torso is kind of rare or hard to find in terms of regular set availability but they are cheap enough on Bricklink if you are after one. I'm sure we will find out what he is controlling tomorrow.

These are the Spares we got from him.


This morning Jaspa got a Biker Scout or Scout Trooper as they like to call them these days. He has a printed face on a black head. Double sided torso print and printed legs. This Minifigure is new to 2013 and is only available in 1 other set - 10236: Ewok Village. It has some really beautiful print details on him. A great looking Minifigure!

Chloe absolutely loved her snow... err... person :-P She thought it was cute. She also loved the beanie too saying that now she has one to put her Mini-dolls, instead of our Black or Dark Blueish Grey ones.
Jaspa almost screamed the house down when he saw his Scout Trooper! He is his fathers son.
I like my little boy minifigure. It's only my second time that I have gotten that torso and with all the sets we own, it was only recently too... from the 10224: Town Hall.

Well that's it for day Eighteen.

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow for Day Nineteen!

Tan Tile... Out!

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