Sunday, 22 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Twenty-two Review.

Welcome back for Day 22. It was Jaspa's turn to sleep-in this morning. That's why we are a little later then normal. We only have 2 days left for our Advent Calendar Reviews.  Do you have any favorites yet? Which Calendar do think has been the best overall?

Lets have a look at today's reveals...

Today in Chloe's Friends Calendar she got a basket and a leaf with a drop of "snow" on it.  On the front of the box it shows that it goes on the Christmas tree, and there is also a squirrel inside it. So I guess that is what we will get him/her tomorrow!

One spare.


This morning in my City Calendar, I got an adorable little micro build Excavator. Lego have really captured the look with so few pieces and it was easily recognizable as soon as I opened the door... Another Power Function channel taken up with today's addition. The boy will have to switch to the Red channels if there are any more.  ;-)

Plenty of spares for today


Jaspa got a kid version of Boba Fett in his Star Wars Calendar and he is only available in this set.... His legs and torso are Dark Azure in color. He has a double sided print on his torso and face. Boba has the same evil smile as Jaspa... spooky. This is a fantastic looking Minifigure. I want it for myself...

Jaspa loves Minifigures and today's was no different. And for it to be a little boy, it now makes it his favorite Minifigure at the moment.
Chloe was here nor there with hers today. It just looks so odd and random from her point of view and until she gets a few day's behind her, the builds don't seem all that interesting until they are put together.

Day Twenty-two is done... Only 3 more sleeps till Santa!

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow for Day Twenty-three!

Tan Tile... Out!

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