Friday, 6 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Six Review.

Welcome back for Day 6 of the Advent Calendars. While the Calendars are great fun for the Kids to open each day, I'm finding it very hard to write something each day in these intro's... Instead of babbling on, lets get straight to it then...

Today Chloe got some perfume bottles and what I assume to be a makeup case.

Some small 1x1 Spares.


In my City Calendar I got a Burglar with a mask. He has a single sided face print with a double sided torso print. Both of these are new in the 2013 City Police sets. He also comes with a Red scarf and a Red coffee cup and Dark Blue Grey beanie.

For spares we get  2 Red scarfs, A Red coffee cup and Dark Blue Grey beanie.


Jaspa opened his Star Wars Calendar and revealed an Endor Rebel Trooper. The funny thing I noticed is that this is Boromir's Face print from LOTR Mines of Moria. He has a double sided face and torso print. 

Chloe enjoyed the quick little build today in her Calendar. She said her Mini-dolls can smell nice now. but nowhere to put them.
Jaspa, as soon as he saw what was in his, said "I already got him" But I had to explain to him that it's a different face to the others he already owns. He was very happy once he HAD confirmed it lol
I haven't had a chance to open any of the new City Police Sets for this year, so I really enjoyed seeing the Burglar and the new detailed prints for this Minifigure. Now my Police man from day one will have something to do and keep an eye on the Burglar while sitting under our tree.

Day six of the Advent Calendars are done. Tomorrow will be the end of week one so come back and we will see what we get next.

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow!

Tan Tile out!

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