Monday, 23 December 2013

LEGO Friends, City, Star Wars Advent Calendar Day Twenty-three Review.

We are now on our second last day of the Advent Calendar reviews. Chloe has started her School holidays and our daily routineis already changing dramatically. When she was waking at up at 7:30am for school I was able to get a start on doing each day's review. Now that Chloe and Jaspa can sleep in a little am I, and that has made this whole project run a little behind these past few days, then it did for the first 20 days. Hopefully I wake up earlier tomorrow.
So what did we get on Day 23? lets go have a look.

Chloe was excited to see this cute little squirrel behind door number 23. She knew exactly what yesterdays build was intended for as soon as she saw today's and appreciated Day 22's basket even more. Nothing to build for her again today except for putting the tiny bow on the squirrel's tail.

Once she opened her packet (which was in a completely different type of plastic then the rest of the Calendars packets) Chloe set up the last 3 days of builds (and non build) together for this photo. Needless to say.... but she LOVE IT!.

Just one spare.


In my City Calendar I got a mini pulling sled with a pair of presents. Its a neat little build and I like the use of the 2x1 plate With Spoiler as "runners". it's always nice to have more presents for under our... oh so short tree. Some really great parts in this sled.

Spares for the sled.


Jaspa too got a sled in his Star Wars calendar... I think this is a little out of place in terms of it's look... Very rustic... this looks like it belongs in the City one and the City one should be in this one, it just looks more futuristic. Regardless of my opinion, Jaspa has a soft spot for sleds/sleighs for some reason... Even when I make him a sandwich and fold into a triangle, he insists on taking a bite out of the fold which intern, makes it look like a sleigh...  This sled also comes with Jango Fett's jet pack for extra speed! ;-) The Jet pack is only available in 1 other set 75015: Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.

2 very useful pares!

That's what we got today... did you like them?  Tomorrow is our last day...  :-( It will be exciting and sad at the same time, but more about that tomorrow.

Day Twenty-three is done... Only 2 more sleeps till Santa!

Thank you for dropping by. See you tomorrow for the final Day, Number Twenty-four!

Tan Tile... Out!

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