Saturday, 6 December 2014

LEGO 41040: Friends, 60063: City, 75056: Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar, Day Six Review.

Welcome to Day 6.

It's the weekend and I actually was able and allowed to have a sleep in.
We also have a Toys R Us "Make and Take event" today. The kids will get to build a Summer scene Christmas build fit for all Aussies. It's a Santa with a pool deck chair, a table with an umbrella and an esky/icebox cooler. So I don't have a lot of time!

Ok... lets see what we got this morning for day Day 6!

Chloe screamed with joy that she got a new Minidoll. The Minidoll's name is "Ewa" (According to Brickset). Ewa has an all-new Torso print and it's perfect for the festive holiday season! Her pants have only been seen in the Advent Calendars, and this is its third outing.


This Morning I got the nice looking Fruit and Veggie stand. Filled with an Apple, Banana, Carrot and a pink Cherry? 12 pieces are used to build this stall. I can not complain about the stall, some fantastic accessories are included. I'm a happy camper!

A couple of spares.


When Jaspa opened his 6th door he had no clue what he had gotten. Even I couldn't remember the name of it (I knew it was a Droid Starfighter but not the type) and I had to Google it... lol.  What he got was a Vulture-class Droid Starfighter in the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) paint scheme again. I wonder if we have to wait till day 12 before we start to see known by many as the true classic and ONLY Star Wars mini builds! 9 pieces to build the Starfighter.

Just the one spare.

That's it for Day 6 of the Advent Calendar reviews. Thank you for dropping by and check in again with us tomorrow to see what little goodies we get to build. :-) 

If you have any thoughts about any of the builds these past 6 days we would love to hear them in the comments below! Anyone can comment.

Tan Tile signing out! See you all tomorrow!

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