Saturday, 13 December 2014

LEGO 41040: Friends, 60063: City, 75056: Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar, Day Thirteen Review.

Hello and welcome back for Day 13 of our daily Advent Calendar reviews.

Some consider the number 13 as unlucky, but in terms of building with LEGO I see no harm. In fact today seems to have been a good day for the calendar builds. None of us were disappointed with what we got.

Scroll down to take a look and make your own decision. What do you think?

This morning Chloe's calendar is still focused in the kitchen. She got to build some draws, salt and pepper shakers and a chopping block with a wedge of cheese sitting on top.  Over the "cheese" is this wicked Clear dome piece, It's used to help keep the "cheese" from drying out. It still doesn't feel like a Christmas themed calendar, more like a Better Homes calendar for redesigning your kitchen. I like how with only 13 pieces, it gives you so many options to play with., need salt or pepper with your meal? How about a slice of cheese? don't forget to cover it back up. Or put your knives and forks in the draws. All we need now is a kitchen sink.

A couple of spares.


In this mornings City calendar I gots me a thief! The thief comes with a backpack sack, a jewel and a flash light. Why don't the thief's/robbers find time to change out of their prison uniforms. Lol. He has a double sided torso print that is new for 2014. By using this combination of parts, the minifigure is unique to this set. In the photo below I wanted to highlight the jewel better as it was pretty dull in the sack so I had a red laser pointer lying around and when I pointed it at the jewel... WOW you should see how it lights up and sparkles! The photo still doesn't do it justice so if you have laser pointer give it a go*. (*Please don't point it into anyone's eyes!)

The Spares you get can make up another flash light and an extra jewel for the thief to steal.


I had a feeling he was coming today! Behind door number 13 Jaspa got the owner of yesterday landspeeder, a Luke Skywalker minifigure. He is a fantastic looking minifig and he has printing on both side of his head and torso, even his legs have detailed printing. This is the new 2014 minifigure that is only in 2 other sets; 75052: Mos Eisley Cantina and 75059: Sandcrawler - UCS.  The other 2 sets are up in the $$$ and getting him in a set less then $50 ($39 for me) a lot of people will be very happy to welcome this minifigure into their collection. As soon as Jaspa opened him he was excited to see Luke! We have not opened our Mos Eisley Cantina yet and we don't own the BIG Brown tool box ;-)

All in all, today was a good day... Cue in the Ice Cube track now...

Well, that's it for Day 13 of the Advent Calendar reviews. Thank you for dropping by and check in again with us tomorrow to see what little goodies we get to build. :-)

Tan Tile signing out! See you all tomorrow.

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