Thursday, 18 December 2014

LEGO 41040: Friends, 60063: City, 75056: Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar, Day Eighteen Review.

Good afternoon, welcome back for Day 18.

We are on the home stretch now, just 7 sleeps to go till the big man in red comes to visit! Have you been good?

What did we get today? Scroll do to find out!

This morning in Chloe's Friends calendar she got a small side table with a lamp and a pink book to the side. I thinks it's safe to say we are finally out of the kitchen. A cute build that uses a couple of Nougat coloured log bricks for the legs of the table and a festive Green and Red checkered table cloth on top. From what my wife told me Chloe couldn't be bothered building it (A late night driving around looking at Christmas lights) so Tash did it instead.

A few Spares to add to you collection.


This morning I got another Police officer. It's pretty much the same as Day 11 but he has a different face print. He also come with a coffee mug and a pair of handcuffs. To be honest I was actually expecting a female officer since TLG have been adding a lot more females into their city sets.

Spare pair of handcuffs.


In Jaspa's Star Wars Calendar he got to build a General Rieekan minifigure. This is a great way to get this fan favorite Character as he has only been in one other set, 75014: The Battle of Hoth. He has a great torso print with a snow jacket, two pockets and a belt running through the bottom. He  has a one sided face print and he looks rather serious about something... maybe too many snow balls coming in his direction. Jaspa loved the fact that Rieekan is a good guy, he only said the other day "We need more good guys daddy, we have too many bad guys" lol

Well, that's it for Day 18 of the Advent Calendar reviews. Thank you for dropping by and please check in again with us tomorrow to see what little goodies we get to build. :-)

Tan Tile signing out! See you all again tomorrow.

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