Saturday, 20 December 2014

LEGO 41040: Friends, 60063: City, 75056: Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Review.

Good afternoon and welcome back to Day 20 as we continue to countdown the days till Christmas!
Only 5 days to go!!!

Today is the first day of the school holidays and already the kids are starting to get at each others throats. When they are on their own they are like angels but when together it's like there are 10 kids in the house, when actually there is only 2. The horror! :-D

So... While I have the kiddies separated, what did we get today!

This morning Chloe was thrilled to get a "cute wittle kitty cat, look how cute the kitty cat is?" It was fun to see how she reacted to it. It seems to be a rare kitty cat, only being in 2 other sets. The kitty also come with a small bed . I don't know if it was on purpose or not, but Chloe found it amusing to see that she got the cat right underneath the picture of today's cat.



Today's gift was underwhelming... Nothing to write home about. A couple of "stools", a barrel (I do like), a shovel and an axe. Nothing to really build today, more like place holders. At the end of the day they will be useful pieces for a future MOC.

Spare shovel and axe.


Jaspa got a cool mini build today! An Imperial Shuttle or a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (or Shuttle Tydirium). "ooo daddy... another spaceship! pew pew pew!" You guessed it, he loved it. I'm sure I'll be looking for this one around the house too later in the day. Like I do everyday with all the other days gifts, so I can photograph with previous day door reveals. :-P


Well, that's it for Day 20 of the Advent Calendar reviews. Thank you for dropping by and please check in again with us tomorrow to see what little goodies we get to build. :-)

Tan Tile signing out! See you all again tomorrow.

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