Wednesday, 24 December 2014

LEGO 41040: Friends, 60063: City, 75056: Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Four Review.

We made it! We made it to Day 24! Woo hoo!

It went so quick! Why doesn't it go that fast when I'm waiting for a Lego Shop @ Home Order? lol

I hope you have enjoyed this years Advent Calender reviews. We have had a blast building every day.

We have had some wonderful builds while other days we were really left "scratching our heads" but when you look at them as a whole they really did came together in the end.

I'm really going miss the excitement that came from the kids every morning as we opened up our Advent Calendar doors. Bring on next year! Who knows I might change it up and let Chloe have the Star Wars one, I'll get the Friends set and Jaspa would get the City one. We'll see.

Guess what? It's Christmas tomorrow! Woot!

Lets see what we got on our final day and crack open door number 24!

On the final morning Chloe got a Lime Green and White Gift box with a removable lid to store 2 pairs of Ice skates in it. Santa is Most certainly real in Heartlake city. Who else would put put 2 gifts in the one package?
She also got a DSLR camera. I let you know Chloe's feelings at the end of the review.



Just like last year I got this brilliant Santa! The only difference is that he has the standard open grin face print rather then the older man looking one...  He also comes a sack like last year and new this year is the cookie printed round tile. A nice strong finish for the lead up to Christmas! 

A couple of spares!


On Jaspa's last day he got this awesome, awesome (so awesome I had to say it 3 times in the end) Darth Vader dressed in a Christmas cloak and carrying a sack. He also has a red cape and the print on the torso has little presents on his belt! Vader also has such lovely printed legs, as his "cloak" runs down over the legs. "Darth Santa" as Jaspa is calling him, is an absolute hit in the house this morning! You should of seen Jaspa's face! He knew he was getting him all month waiting patiently, (The box gives it away!!) and to finally have him in hand he couldn't contain himself!

I have noticed a few photos on the net today that show people getting a White grill piece on their fireplace, but we got a Black grill piece. A very kind reader pointed out that the grills were swapped, My son swapped it around... said it looked better.

Chloe was a little bit disappointed yet again that her Advent Calendar lacked a Santa...  Again her Advent finished on a present just like last years, she liked it... but I couldn't miss the disappointment on her face as we both got our Santa's this morning. Why couldn't TLG add an extra Minidoll to the set and have either a mum dressed as Mrs Santa Clause or have a dad (like Darth Vader) dressed up in a Santa suit. Finish it off strong like the City and Star Wars versions.

Make sure you pop back in tomorrow to see a little greeting from us!

That's it...  Day 24... The final day of the Advent Calendar reviews is in the bag!

In the last 24 days (up to now.. now) we have had our biggest page views count to date since starting our blog. We have racked up just over 15,000 views for this month alone and we still have 7 days left.
Our previous record was for the same time last year when we got 13,000 views when we did the Advent Calendar Reviews.
It's incredible to see those number really, because we didn't think anyone would be interested in anything we had to say and then stay, considering in our first month of going live we only had 744 views.

Thank you for dropping by every day this month and joined us on this journey. We appreciate everyone who reads our little blog and we enjoy reading comments when we get them, either here or mostly on Facebook and sometimes on the Whirlpool forum. Each one of those comments drive us to create new content. 

A HUGE Thank You for sticking with us!

Tan Tile, Tash, Chloe and Jaspa signing out! 

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