Monday, 22 December 2014

LEGO 41040: Friends, 60063: City, 75056: Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Two Review.

Welcome to Day 22. We only have 2 days left  of the Advents and we are done for another year.

Each day the kids are getting more excited, I miss that feeling that they now have at this moment. The mystery; the wonderment; sneaking for a peek at  the presents under the tree every chance you had, and shaking it for clues... ahh those were the days.

The kiddies were up much earlier then me today and they had already cracked opened their calendars doors and built them before I even thought about getting out of bed.

Lets scroll down to see what goodies they god behind door number 22...

Well... in typical fashion the Friends calendar likes to do it slow... (not in a bad way I might add) It just likes to build up a scene rather then give the kids an "instant" play thing. Today Chloe got a box with a bow in it. What I liked about today's interesting gift is that the lid is used with the studs down. It's something you don't see every day or at all really. Chloe seems to think the bow is a gift for her "cute wittle kitty cat".



Today's gift is one that we get every year. But each year it is always slightly different, and it seems to get smaller and smaller as the years pass... Today I got our more then expected Christmas tree. It's nicely decorated with "lights" and has a Trans Yellow jewel as it's tree topper. The one thing that I would have preferred with this years tree is, using 2x2 round plates instead of the square ones. I will most likely use the parts from this tree and about 10 others we have to hopefully make one grand Christmas tree one day. It's always fun to build a tree.

Plenty of spare Trans studs.


According to this whole family, Jaspa's gift for today was the coolest!  What he got was an Exclusive "Festive Astromech", with print details of Red Ornaments on it's cone head to make it look like a Christmas tree. The droid only has printing on the front, nothing at the back. The cone is such a fun and unique piece and its set off with a sparkly tree topper! Jaspa is over the moon about it, he has somewhat an affinity to Astromech Droids.

A couple of Spares.

We could have had a Hat-Trick of Christmas trees today but no, Friends had to give us a bow. Maybe Chloe gets hers tomorrow?

3 sleeps till Santa! Wooo!

Well, that's it for Day 22 of the Advent Calendar reviews. Thank you for dropping by and please check in again with us tomorrow to see what little goodies we get to build. :-)

Tan Tile signing out! See you all again tomorrow.

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