Monday, 16 September 2013

LEGO Friends 41013: Emma's Sports Car Review.

In today's review, we are continuing with our friends theme. My Daughter wanted to add more to her Heartlake City, which is taking up our dinning room table at ATM. We haven't found a spot for the Heartlake City School yet that we reviewed recently. You can see in the upper right corner that my Sons Dino force are about to invade Heartlake City. I can just hear the kids screaming at each other now!
Lets go take a look at this little set...

LEGO Friends 41013: Emma's Sports Car. 
 The set contains 159 pieces and retails for $24.99.
 Comes with 1 Mini-doll: Sports Car, a Cat, Picnic Table, Road Sign and City Map

Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.

I was in the back seat watching while Chloe built this set so I only got my hands on it when taking the photos.
The front of the box shows a slick looking Sports car parked at what appears to be a lookout point with a park bench.

The back box art shows Emma having some quality time her kitty cat ie: Taking photos, cruising in the sports car and having some lunch at the park.

 Opening the box we get 3 unnumbered bags, loose in the box are the instructions and a small sticker sheet.

A close up of the sticker sheet. There are 7 stickers in total to apply.

  A quick run down of all the parts in the set. Some really interesting colors in this set, almost like candy. I have to thank Chloe for being so patient when I was photographing and setting up the pieces.

The Emma Mini-doll is exclusive to this set with the printed torso but the legs are available in 6 other sets. 

This is the first time we see this cat, at this moment it is exclusive to this set. It looks so cuddly!

The same goes with this backpack... Exclusive to this set at the time of writing this review.

First thing to be built is the street sign... really not much involved but still does the job. 2 stickers were applied during this step.

The town map "stand" was built next. A nice background feature to any city. 1 sticker was applied during this step.

The park bench and table will finish off all the background features of the set. The role play features include a camera, mobile phone, book, lettuce and tomato sandwich and a bottle of water.

 A quick step by step image of the construction of the sports car. At-least there is a steering wheel in this set :-)

 One thing I spotted while Chloe was building the car. in step 18 the windscreen is already on the car and on step 19 the part call out is asking to get the windscreen.

The sports car is ready for speeding* around Heartlake City. The car can hold 2 Mini-dolls. 4 stickers were applied during this stage.
* Oz Brick Nation does not condone speeding.

 All angles of the sports car.

 Spares for the set. I am really liking that LEGO are now adding 1X1 square plate to the spares.

 Final couple of photos of the completed set.

Chloe thanks you for watching the building process of her Sports Car. Emma Thanks you too :-)

Although I didn't build the set I found it to be another cute set. LEGO have really nailed the feel for the Friends theme. From my observations this reminds me a bit like the car from 76002: Superman: Metropolis Showdown.  To me the added role play features give real play value in terms of imagination and creativity. A nice change really from the flick missiles we so often see in the "boys" action sets. Chloe is very happy with this set, then so am I. If you want to get it, wait for a 20% off sale you wont be sorry.

Thanks again for reading!

As always and if you want too, let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... Wizards and Dragons for the next review.

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  1. Thank you! Where does the radio looking sticker go? near the steer wheel on the yellow? Thanks again.