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LEGO Friends 41010: Olivia’s Beach Buggy Review.

Today's review was at the request of my Daughter. She wanted to know why I haven't taken any photos of her LEGO sets yet. To be fair she is right, that Friends sets needs to be covered too. So with that, we picked this little set "Olivia’s Beach Buggy" from our pile of LEGO sets that are waiting to be built. We need to cater for all genders yes? Let take a look shall we.

LEGO Friends 41010: Olivia’s Beach Buggy 
 The set contains 94 pieces and retails for $15.99.
 Comes with 1 Mini-doll: Beach Buggy, Surf Board, Beach Stand and Coconut tree
Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.
The reason we chose this set first was because of all the interesting pieces I saw on the front of the box. Lots of cool looking pieces!

On the back of the box we see Olivia surfing the waves, cruising in her Beach Buggy and having a refreshment from the Beach Stand.

What we get when we open the box are 2 unnumbered bags, with the instructions folded loose in the box. 

Now for the parts... First thing I notice are the print-less Minifig heads, 3 x reddish brown and 1x yellow head piece. The 3 x palm leaves (why Lego didn't give us the 4th leaf I will never understand to use with the 2 X 2 Round Plate With Vertical Shafts) I Don't have any Popsicle pieces yet, so that's pretty cool. The Medium Azure Surf board looks really nice in the hand and we also get 3 x Tan 2 X 2 round brick with grill profile!

A lot of people don't like the Mini-dolls but I kinda like them... I will never add them to my City but they do look colorful, eye catching even. My little girl Chloe loves them and that's all that matters to me. Oliver looks the part for the beach scene. She comes with a single face print (not that you could ever give the double prints with the shape of the heads.) and a printed torso an legs.

The first thing we build is a fruit stand that contains a Yellow banana and a lime green and a orange stud to represent an apple and orange.

The Beach Stand is simple. The Yellow minifig head becomes a pineapple when the 2 x green 1X1 bracelet studs are placed on top. Plus we get the cool looking little Popsicle piece I mention earlier.

A step by step build of the coconut tree... It's great to see that they added a technic piece to support it all together. A 4th leaf would have been nice to finish off the tree... but knowing me I will most likely buy another set to complete it.

Building the buggy was pretty cool. Only thing to point out... there is no steering wheel! This would fit in nicely into a LEGO City scene by changing out the pinks, the foot holder and adding in a steering wheel that it's sorely lacking. A step by step build of the beach buggy.

The left over spares for the set. When ever I see the 1X1 bracelet plates I cant help but smile, I really like them for some reason. Maybe because they can be used with the little carrot top pieces we get as spares from other sets that are pretty much useless.

 I will leave you with a few pics of the competed set and my overall thoughts on the set.

At the end of the build and setting up the shots, I actually found myself smiling at how much I enjoyed building this with Chloe. The details are simple but yet, they fill out the set. By that I mean, all the intended parts to create specific things like the pineapple, the coconuts on the brick built tree, the apple and orange, all these things stand out and help inspire your imagination (and that's from an adults point of view) imagine what a child is imagining when they build and play with this set. Apart from having no steering wheel and 3/4 of a coconut tree :-P this a pretty solid set and my daughter totally enjoyed building this with me, that's the important thing. Spending time with your children and playing LEGO... What more can a Dad ask for?

Thanks again for reading!

As always and if you want too, let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... Pinking out for the next review.

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