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LEGO Castle 70402: The Gatehouse Raid Review.

This Castle theme has really sparked something in me. I have always had a fascination with the medieval/fantasy times. I enjoy watching movies set in that era, but never really dived head first into it. That is until now, I have been sucked in and am now falling down the rabbit hole at a rapid pace looking for adventure. As I continue to build and review this Castle theme I see myself wanting to build armies! That's a bad thing... Why you ask? Well I have a bad habit of going too far, and one just example is my 1300+ Hasbro Clone Trooper Collection as seen on You Tube. Now you under stand? :-P
Let's feed the beast and take a look at another one of the new Castle sets and see if I can try and contain myself.

LEGO Castle 70402: The Gatehouse Raid 
 The set contains 248 pieces and retails for $39.99.
 Comes with 4 Minifigures: Gatehouse, Armored Horse and Large Catapult.
Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.

The front of the box shows the King's and Dragons Knights in battle as the Dragon faction try to break the defenses of the King's Gatehouse.

The back of the box informs you that this can be combined with the 70404 King's Castle... Uh oh... Bad news for the wallet! Ahh who am I kidding it's already in the bedroom waiting to be built. There is a shot of a Dragon Knight getting thrown in prison, another Dragon Knight breaking through the gates, Catapults firing from both the tower and ground. Pages from the book show what looks to be the Dragon factions main objective, take possession of the King's Crystal.

There are 2 numbered bags. Loose in the box is an instruction book, A sticker sheet and 1x Green Octagonal Plate

A close up of the sticker sheet. 2 in total.

The contents of bag 1 will build the 2 sides of the main gate, all the Minifigs and the new Black horse and new horse-head armor mold.

This Dragon soldier with spear has a single sided face print, and the torso has printing on both the front and back. He has a Black Helmet with Neck Protector

This Dragon Knight with Armor and a large sword, has a double sided face print, the torso has printing on both the front and back with printing on the legs. He also has printed armor and large shield with a Dragons head . He has a Black Closed Helmet and Red Plume,

This King's Knight with Armor and sword comes with a single side face print. A printed front and back King's Breastplate torso, printing on the legs, He also has printed armor and a large shield with a lions head. He has a Metallic Silver Helmet with Fixed Grille and a Blue Plume

This King's Knight with spear has a Blue and White with Chest Strap torso printed on the front and back and comes with a single side face print. He has a Metallic Silver Helmet with Broad Brim.

The Black horse is the new mold. It comes with Red Dragon Armor and the new horse-head armor mold.

First we build the catapult, it is a simple build that can easily be reproduced without a step by step photo. 

The second thing to build is the crossbow station? Here is a step by step photo.

Thirdly we build the other side which will be the prison cell it includes a 1x1 round tile with a printed lock. another step by set photo.

Bag 1 is complete!

Bag 2 will build the main gate and tower.

Here is a step by step photo of the Gatehouse being built.

Here is the step by step build of the upper tower of the Gatehouse. Featuring a small firing catapult. The only 2 stickers in the set were applied in this part of the build.

The Gatehouse all complete!

Here is a front and back view of all the connecting sections put together. There are no other details Just an empty room that you can fill out with your own imagination.

These are the spare you get in this set. I'm happy to get some extra spears and a sword :-D also love the 1x1 round tile with printed lock.

Some final photos of the complete set!

This was a pretty straight forward build with not a lot involved in it. The highlights of this set are the Minifigures and the horse with armor. I can't wait to crack open the King's Castle and see how I can add this set to it. The catapult features are quite fun as always and the one on the tower has a rubber Technic Damper which gives it some extra force when shot. I took advantage of the 25% off at Toys r Us and got it for $29.99 and feel it was well worth it for that price. How I see it is that the Minifigs are about $5+ each if you brought them separately, so there's $20 already plus the horse and all the parts in the set for the extra $10... Great value... I am trying to contain myself and not go completely Nuts with army building this theme but...
Yep you guessed it! I have to get more  :-P 

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed the review!

As always and if you want too, let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... on vigil, till the next review.

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