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LEGO Castle 70403: Dragon Mountain Review.

Welcome back to OBN! Do you love Dragons? I love Dragons! My Son loves Dragons! We all love Dragons! Well you have come to the right place to look at... a Dragon... a LEGO Dragon.
The new LEGO Castle theme has recently been released and Dragon Mountain was first on our hit list! taking advantage of the Toy r Us 25% off sale this week, we manage to grab the last one on the shelf for $52.50! If only I had waited out for the Myer sale... Doh! could have saved another $7.50.

LEGO Castle 70403: Dragon Mountain 
 The set contains 376 pieces and retails for $69.99.
 Comes with 5 Minifigures: A large Dragon, Tower/Castle ruins and large catapult.
Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.

 The front of the box is extremely eye catching! Big red Dragon, Knights with swords and shields and shiny gold coins.... Who wouldn't want this set!?

On the back of the box we see how the Dragon wings work, the catapult firing, the Kings Knight saving the captured Princess, A Dragon Knight having a meal when he should be keeping an eye on the princess and the Dragon Wizard concocting potions in his little potion room.

There are 3 numbered bags in the set. Loose in the box are the instructions, 2x Octagonal Plates (1 Green and 1x Dark Tan)  a bag of Dragon parts and a pair of wings.

A quick look at the parts to build the Dragon. The tail pieces are in bag 1.

The contents of bag 1. The larger tail piece reminds me of a big red chilli. This bag will build the catapult, the rest of the dragon and 2 of the Kings Knights.

How cool is the dragon! I hope they do more in other colors! The build very much like the Dino dinosaurs.

This King's Knight with Armor and sword comes with a double side face print, printed front and back King's Breastplate torso, printing on the legs, He also has printed armor and a large shield with a lions head. He has a Metallic Silver Helmet with Light Bluish Grey Pointed Visor and a Blue Plume.

King's Knight with spear has a scale mail torso print both front and back and a single sided face print. He has a Metallic Silver Helmet with Neck Protector.

The catapult was a quick build... Problem is you only get one chance at firing at the dragon because you only get one 2x2 round brick with grill profile.

The contents of bag 3 will build the main tower/prison/ruins, a Dragon Knight and the Princess.

This Dragon Knight with a large sword has a scale mail torso print both front and back. He has a double sided face print and a printed small Dragon shield. He has a Black Cheek Protection Helmet.

The Princess comes with a crown, A double sided face print and torso print both sides. Her "dress" also has a print on it. 

A step by step build of the foundations of the ruins and spiral staircase. With a little lunch room as well.

 Step by step build of the main tower and small prison.

Both completed and put on top of one another. I love the added rat (you wouldn't think there would be rats around with a hungry dragon around!) and the spiral staircase, as well as the printed lock on the1X1 round tile and the large printed shield!

The contents of bag 3 will build the Dragon nest, the evil wizards tiny potion room and the evil Dragon Wizard himself.

The Dragon Wizard has a single sided face print, a printed torso on the front and back, printed legs and a printed hat! He comes with a black beard and a brick built staff/wand.

A step by step build of the wizards potion room, Dragon nest and walk way/mini catapult ledge.

An image of all of the parts put together. 

Front view.

It a good thing the wizard isn't an arachnophobic, because that's the only way he is getting into his potion room.

Back view.

Some really cool spare parts! The printed lock, cheese slopes and sword just to name a few.

Some final images if the completed set! This looks soooo awesome!

whoops! the Kings Knight got a little to close to the Dragon!

Overall impressions of the set are Awesome Awesome Awesome! With 5 Minifigures and a Dragon I believe that this set has some fantastic playability to it. The Minifigures have some of the best printing I have seen in a long time! The Dragon Wizard is my favorite Minifig in this set with the Kings Knight with armor and shield is a very close second. The Dragon just rocks, his face print is brilliant! Even though this is a very simple build, the end result of giving what you need in terms of a castle structure has really given this set its own look. The added leaves and vines really give it the run downed and ruined feel. I truly hope that LEGO continue to add to this theme and give us other color Dragons like they have done in previous incarnations, and not end it with just this wave like they have done in the past. The only thing I feel it's lacking is a horse for the Kings Knight and to also pull that big ass catapult, a bit rough that the 2 of them have push this thing to help save the Kings daughter. Will I buy of this theme? You bet your red ass Dragon I will!

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed the review!

As always and if you want too, let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... I'm all Dragon-ed out (not really) for the next review.

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