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LEGO Friends 41005: Heartlake High Review.

Continuing With My Daughters Friends LEGO theme. This week we will take a look at the newly released 41005: Heartlake High. Some interesting colors in this set.

LEGO Friends 41005: Heartlake High 
 The set contains 487 pieces and retails for $69.99.
 Comes with 3 Mini-dolls: Heartlake High Entrance with lockers, deli, art classroom, science classroom, bathroom, Basketball hoop and a picnic table.
Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.

The front of the box shows that you get 3 Mini-dolls. The friends line finally gets a second male Mini-doll.

On the back of the box it details all the accessory's that come with this set. Things to note are a printed guitar, printed Owl, a printed roof slope cash register,  a couple of books, basketball and an apple. There are also a lot of role playing features.

When opening the box we find 4 numbered bags to build each structure. Loose in the box there are 2x instruction manuals 2x  8 X 16 Tan plates, 1x  16 X 16 Tan plate and a sticker sheet.

A close up of the sticker sheet shows that there are 15 stickers in total to apply in this set..

The contents of bag 1. This will build the restroom, park bench and basketball hoop as well as the cool Medium Azur color Bicycle.

In this set we get Matthew, Stephanie's school buddy. This is the second time that a male Mini-doll has been produced in the friends line. The first time was in 3315: Olivia’s House named Peter (I believe that is her father?) There is also a third male Mini-doll that was released in 41015: Dolphin Cruiser named Andrew.

Stephanie has been in many sets through out the friends line but the print on her is exclusive to this set at this time...

A close up of this awesome Medium Azur colored bicycle. I don't know way but I love this color and want more! for the kids of course.... ;-P

With bag 1 complete this is what it builds. The restroom, park bench and basketball hoop. Matthew gets a laptop and Stephanie gets the bicycle and a Magenta handbag/school bag. 3 stickers was applied during this stage..

Bag 2 will construct the main entrance to the school and the inside will feature a lunch room/cafeteria and some lockers. An awesome 16X16 Tan Plate!

Another new member to the LEGO Friends world is the teacher Ms. Stevens. I totally dig the hair do! Very stylish for a teacher.

A Step by Step build of the inside and outside of the lunch room/cafeteria. Here we get some more printed bricks in the form of an "orange juice bottle" and a "milk carton" and a roof slope brick with a printed cash register on it. There are also some brick build sandwiches, a "tomato and lettuce on white bread" and a "cheese and lettuce on wholegrain bread"... Very healthy! 7 stickers were applied during this stage.

With bag 3 we will build the science room. Interesting pieces to note are the Reddish Brown window frames, the printed Owl, a Trans-Bright Green fluid chemistry bottle, 1x Reddish Brown book and 1x Magenta book.

A close up of the Owl and it's printing.

A step by step build of the science room. Some of the role playing features in the room are the brick built microscope, telescope, a couple of books and 2 desks facing a blackboard. 4 stickers were applied during this stage.

Bag 3's contents will construct the music room/art room. Pieces to note are the Bright Green apple, printed guitar, printed music sheet tile and the paint brush piece with a Dark Green tip.

The first part of building bag 3 is to finish off the roof over the science room that has a clock, to make sure the children get to class on time.

Constructing the music room/art room is exactly the same as the science room except for the interior.  Inside the room there are some "paint bottles", drawers, a brick built easel, 2 seats, flowers and an apple. 1 sticker was applied in this step.

Spares left over... some handy pieces!

Here are some pics of the completed model...

Overall this was a particularly fun build with many great accessories and brick built features to role play with. I wish that regular LEGO such as City incorporated the same amount of role play/accessories as the friends line seems to be doing. If you not a fan of this line I would still recommend getting this set. The bright colors are easily changeable to better suit a city layout. The fact that this set is built like a modular, it can be added onto with multiple sets, that is a winner in my eyes. By adding a second set you could comfortably split the art/music rooms in two and create any number of rooms like a library or home ed... since there are a couple of food store sets out already to use the parts for. My daughter is in her second year of school and she is loving it. Now that she has this to play with she can come home and reply what she has learned over the course of the day. It goes without saying, but I will say it... She loves it!

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed the review!

As always and if you want too, let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... I've been Edumacated, till the next review.

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