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LEGO Super Heroes 76013 Batman: The Joker Steam Roller Review.

I would like to welcome you back as we take a look at the 4th and final review in the latest DC Super Heroes Batman theme! Today we look at the biggest set in the wave: 76013: "Batman The Joker Steam Roller". What a great way to finish off a fantastic series. Let's have a closer look at The Joker's Steam Roller, Batman's all-new Batwing and the awesome minifigures that are included in the set.

Set Number: 76013

Theme: DC Super Heroes

Set Name: Batman: The Joker Steam Roller.

Part Count: 486

Minifigures: 5

Australian RRP: $79.99

Featuring: Batman's Batwing and The Joker’s Steam Roller.

The front of the box shows our favorite Bat Family as they swing into action to stop  The Joker and his henchman from destroying everything in Gotham City with their Joker inspired steam roller.

On the back of the box we see some of the features that are included in the set. We have a pivoting front end for the steam roller and two laughing gas bombs. The Batwing has four flick missiles and attack-mode sweeping wings to capture the bad guys in action.

When we open the box we find five bags inside. Four numbered bags with all the parts and one unnumbered bag for the large wheels. Also included are two instruction manuals, a comic and a sticker sheet.

Here we have a close up of the sticker sheet. There are only 3 to apply. One for the Batwing and two for The Joker's flag gun.

Here we have the contents of bag 1. We will build three of the five minifigures from the contents of this bag.
Two parts stood out for me here: the new Red Curved 4 x 1 Inverted Slope and the Dark Purple Fedora hat. I have been dying to get the hat in this colour. I missed out on getting the 5984: Lunar Limo when it was available in 2010 as I had no interest in the set, plus I had no Joker back then to worry about getting it.

Here is a close up of the new Red Curved 4 x 1 Inverted Slope. They have been out since 2013 but I have yet to open my 60026: Town Square and I don't own set 70010: The Lion CHI Temple where they first showed up last year.

Batman is the same as set 76011 Batman: Man-Bat Attack.
He has printing on the front and back of his torso. His face is printed on both sides and his cowl is the new Type 2 version.

This is where the fun begins because we start to get some new minifigures. The Joker has all new printing on him. From his double sided torso print to his single sided face print. Both are new versions and exclusive to this set. This is where you apply two of the stickers for the Joker's flag gun.

Here is a comparison photo of  The Joker from a previous Batwing set the 6863: Batwing Battle Over Gotham City.

The Jokers "Goon"... I'd rather call him a henchman, is also exclusive to this set. He has a double sided torso (a vest) print with the words: "The Joker Destruction" printed on the back, and he has an angry single sided face print. The henchman has a somewhat uncommon Yellow construction hat that's only available in three other sets.

Let's now take a look at the step-by-step build of the first half of the steam roller.

We now move on to bag 2 to complete the steam roller build. Its the first time that we see the Wagon Wheel piece used in Dark Purple. The Dark Purple ring umbrella piece is only in two other sets: the Friends 3930: Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery and one in the LEGO Games 3852: Sunblock. The Joker Bomb pieces are only in one other set: the 6863: Batwing Battle Over Gotham City.

Here we have the second half of our step-by-step build as we complete the Joker themed steam roller.

A still shot of it complete.

Here we have the contents of bag 3. We will build the last two minfigures in this set and start the frame work for the new Batwing.

Here we have the new Robin Minifigure aka Damian Wayne. Robin has a fantastic new torso that is printed on both sides. He has a double sided face print too. I really love this version and I want to get another to swap the black arms and legs with green.

Another all new minifigure is this Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon. Batgirl has an all new headgear piece with stylized flowing red hair. The piece is made from hard ABS plastic just like Batman's Cowl. She has a double sided torso print and two facial expressions. There is not a lot of room between her cowl/hair and the cape; as a result it squishes it down.

Here is the step-by-step build as we start the frame work for the new Batwing.

The 4th and final bag for this set will complete the Batwing.

Here is the final step-by-step build for this review as we complete the Batwing.

A still shot of the completed Batwing.

These are the spares we get for this set... Nice! Gotta love some extra Batarangs!!

A couple of final images of the completed set.

Squished Robin not included.

Overall I really enjoyed building this set. We get four out of five all new and exclusive minifigures. Each one of them has lovely looking print and it seems LEGO just keep getting better with each new minifig they produce.
There are some really fun play features including Joker's laughing gas flick bombs and the four flick missiles on the Batwing. The attack-mode sweeping wings felt a bit awkward and a little forced, but to prove I know nothing, my son loves smacking the bad guys with this feature. 
The steam roller is really smooth when you push it around and when it's on a hard surface it sounds as if the front wheels are actually vibrating like a real steam roller. It's a really great effect!
Some great colour choices have been chosen for this set. Both vehicles represent each of the owners perfectly.
The Batwing will always be cool no matter how ugly the front end on this version looks. It's all about the swoosh-ability factor... isn't it? :-)  

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Thanks for stopping by and reading this new review. I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Yet another fantastic review TT!

    Your animated gifs look great. After the Flash final gif on your other review I was hoping for something fun at the end of this review and wasn't disappointed!

  2. Astonishing review! I have a bit mixed feelings about set - I like the steam-roller very much, but bat plane can't convince me. And also - awesome gif!