Tuesday, 4 February 2014

LEGO Super Heroes 76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase Review.

Welcome back as we go into our 3rd review in the DC Super Heroes Batman theme! Today we are going to look at set number 76012: "Batman The Riddler Chase". I think the only thing everyone will be wanting to chase in this set is the new Flash Minifigure!
Lets get straight into the review!

Set Number: 76012

Theme: DC Super Heroes

Set Name: Batman: The Riddler Chase.

Part Count: 304

Minifigures: 3

Australian RRP: $49.99

Featuring: Batman's Batmobile and Riddler's Dragster.

Here is the front of the box... Showing the new kick ass looking Batmobile chasing down The Riddler in his slick green dragster side by side with The Flash not too far behind. Better watch your step Flash!

The story is that The Riddler has robbed a Gotham City bank and it's up to our heroes to stop him and return the $100 bills y'all. Looks like Batman has been practicing his Batarang skills...  A real "first try" moment! But just in-case, Flash is not too far away as back-up.

Once we open the box we find 3 numbered bags, 2 instruction booklets, a sticker sheet and the same comic that was in 76011 Batman: Man-Bat Attack. You can view my gif version HERE.

Here is a close up of the sticker sheet: two for The Riddler's dragster and one for the new Batmobile.

Bag 1 will build The Riddler, The Flash and the Dragster. Sounds like a great title for a song...
We get some 1 x 2 Green curve slopes which are a a new piece for me.

The Flash (AKA Barry Allen) is an all new Minifigure only available in this set. Fans have waited a long time to get him. The Flash comes with a double sided torso print. The details on the torso are extremely sharp. He also has a double sided face print, a simple smirk and another one of anger. The new helmet/mask piece is made of a soft rubber and sits very firmly on his head . I hope that one day LEGO will  do one for Captain America... We now know that he wont have one in the new Marvel 2014 wave :-(

The Riddler (AKA Edward Nygma) is also another new and exclusive Minifigure to this set. He was previously only available in the overly priced 6857 The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape set that was exclusive to Toys R Us. In this version he has a green bowler hat (In 6857 it was Light Bluish Gray) with a purple question mark. He has a new double sided torso print of a zipper jacket and a scarf. He also has this Two-Face feel to him, wearing Dark Green on one side and regular Green on the other. At the time of writing this, the Pearl Gold crowbar is its first appearance in this colour and is only available in this set.

Here is a comparison shot of the previous Riddler.

Here is our new version of the step-by-step progress photos of building the Riddler's Green dragster.

Here it is complete with Minifigure. It's a great little build and I was totally surprised at how much I like it. I didn't think I would but it does have some nice details to it.

I thought I would  include this pic to show you how the little "bomb" works. I tested it out after seeing this image and I was completely surprised by how much force this thing had as it took off. It really could do some damage if it had of bounced the wrong way and got someone in the eye. Other than that it is a very cool feature and works effectively! 

Bag 2 will start the build of the new Batmobile which is based on the new but now cancelled (?) CG Beware the Batman TV series. We also build the Batman minifig that's based from the same show.

Here is the new version of the Batsuit. He has printing on both sides of his torso and face. I have only seen one episode of the TV show and it was jarring to watch the new style that they were going for. This new LEGO version of the suit has me wanting to go back and give it another chance. It doesn't show from the photos but the belt is printed in a shiny gold which makes this torso really pop!  This Batman is also exclusive, just like the other two Minifigs that we have seen in this set.

Here is the step-by-step building progress of bag 2. Interesting thing I must point out here is that the Trans Orange windscreen is detachable; no hinge type setup for the cockpit like they have done in the past. It must be completely removed from the vehicle to add a minifig into the cockpit.

Bag 3 will complete the new Batmobile. There are a couple of pieces that are new to me here and they are the two Dark Gray "Technic Axle Pin 3 long"  in the bottom right hand corner of this photo. Those Pearl Gold rims are just too damn sexy! They are also available in some Chima and Ninjago sets. We don't own any of them so these are new for us too.

The final step-by-step build will finish off the Batmobile. I like this new version of the Bat symbol on the front of the cockpit. It has a real retro feel to it.
The tail end of the Batmobile is nicely detailed and gives you a great impression that this is where the power and grunt comes from. It has 2 flick fire missiles underneath that fire when pushed from the rear. This completes the build.

Here are the spare parts.

Some final images of the completed set.

This was a really fun build. Having 3 all new Minifigures added to the excitement. We get 2 great looking vehicles that have some really cool features and this adds extra play value for any kid or adult alike so it does not disappoint. I only wish Flash had some yellow printing on his legs just like the Christo custom that's been seen on the net.
If you are after a cool new Batman with a Batmobile that has a fresh new look,  then stop right here and pick this set up.
Even if you're looking at getting this set just for the Minifigures, I say do not hesitate. It still has some really useful parts that can be used elsewhere for a MOC. 
If you can wait for a good percentage off sale, you have stronger will power than me :-D
I just couldn't wait and I paid $45 at Big W, rather than wait for a 20% off sale and saving that extra $5 off. Plus the great savings we got on all of the City sets from the Target 20% off and buy 2 get 1 free stacked-on top. I justified picking them up now and I don't regret it one bit.
Now I just need to go wrestle this set out of my sons hands. Jaspa is loving this new Batmobile. He can drive it anywhere with those big wheels, it's the perfect couch explorer.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this new review. I hope you enjoyed it!

Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts and opinions are on the set.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... steam rolling onto the next review.


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    I loved the last animated gif with the Flash - well done!

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