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LEGO Ninjago 70722: OverBorg Attack Review.

Today we are going to review Ninjago set 70722: OverBorg Attack. This is another of the Ninjago sets we won from the LEGO Facebook competition.
Set Number: 70722 

Theme: Ninjago. 

Set Name: OverBorg Attack. 

Part Count: 207 

Minifigures: 2 

Australian RRP: $29.99 

Featuring: Green Ninja Cycle with golden blades, Mech Chair, an All-terrain Tank Bike with spinning front saw blades, a ramp, a recycle bin and a fire hydrant.

The front of the box has some eye catching artwork. The Green Ninja Lloyd launching his green ninja cycle towards the OverBorg on his All-terrain Tank Bike.

The back of the box shows you some play features. Including spinning saw blades and a detachable mech chair.

When we open the box we find two numbered bags, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet. Loose in the box is a single caterpillar track.

Here we have a close-up of the sticker sheet. Again they have numbers to indicate where to apply each sticker.

This is what you get in bag 1. OverBorg's hair piece was in its own separate bag making me suspect once again that it was manufactured in china*.
* For those who like to know where an element is made. 

This version of the Green Ninja aka Lloyd has all new printing on both sides of his torso and a single sided face print. The torso has some wonderful metallic Gold, Silver and Bronze highlights with some Dark Green printing to match his sleeves. His hair piece is new in the colour Tan.  There is also a Pearl Gold mini armour piece that can hold two katana. Finally Lloyd has a new bandana piece in Green which looks awesome and I'm sure will be a sought after piece.

I don't know a lot about the theme or its characters but this OverBorg or Cyrus Borg looks and sounds very interesting. From what I have read on Brickipedia, he has been disabled all his life, hence the walker. He also used to invent suits and the Techno-Blades for the ninjas. Now he has turned evil.

He has a double sided torso print with hoses, wires and metal plating and a Flat Silver right arm while his left arm is Black. He has a double sided face print: one for when he has a normal face (Cyrus Borg) and the other side is half mechanical when he is transformed into the OverBorg. His hair piece is new and has a half organic / half mechanical look to it. If it was completely organic this would he a cool looking hair piece.

First up with the build is this ramp with fire hydrant. Included is a Green recycle bin with a couple of 1x1 Brown studs (inside!) .

Here is the step-by-step build of the Green Ninja Cycle. It's a neat little design and I would love to try and have a go at making another one but add some red to it so as to go with one of our Robin minifigures.

 A quick step-by-step build of OverBorg's spider walker mech chair.

Here he is sitting in his mech chair. Included are a couple of weapons: a chain saw blade/axe and a katana.

This is the contents for bag 2. Seems like a lot of Technic parts in this bag. Yep over 50 of them.

Here is the the step-by-step build of the All-terrain Tank Bike. Surprisingly this looks pretty damn awesome. They did well to hide all the Technic pieces. The spinning saw blade works quite well and the caterpillar track rolls well on any surface.

Here we have some useful spares. I was pleased to see that we get a pair of Pearl Gold  katana and another bandanna piece too! 

Here we have a few images of the completed set.

A couple of GIF's to see the models in action.

I really enjoyed building this set. At first when I was lining up all the elements, I wasn't too keen on seeing so many Technic pieces rather than brick pieces. But it all worked out in the end and those pieces I dreaded actually gave this set some really fun play features. The minifigures have some great detailing on them and that helps add play value to the set. The cycles are quite clever and and the rotating saw blades give a sinister feel to it. I guess this is the reason Jaspa likes this particular vehicle. 
Again, I know very little about the back-story of Ninjago so I apologise for any errors or lack of information that I may have missed.   
Note to self: Keep Jaspa away from sharp objects!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this new review. I hope you enjoyed it! 
Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts and opinions are on the set.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... 

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