Monday, 25 November 2013

LEGO S@H Exclusive 40058: Decorating the Tree Review.

There is just over 4 weeks until Christmas! Man has this year gone fast! Better get the tree out! Until then this little set will have to do. This is another LEGO Shop @ Home Exclusive you can order online. Time to have a quick look at it.

LEGO Shop @ Home Exclusive 40058: Decorating the Tree Review.
 The set contains 110 pieces and retails for $12.99.
 Comes with 2 MinifiguresA brick built Christmas Tree, Ladder and Presents.

Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.

This is another polybag set. Dad and daughter setting up their Christmas Tree

Back of the bag with warnings and where the elements are made.

When you open the polybag the larger pieces are loose and the smaller ones are in a bag. You also get foldout instructions.

All the pieces lined up ready to build. A ton of 1x1 round plates/studs.

Just a quick look at the foldout instructions.

The Dad Minifigure has a single side face print and a single sided torso print. He also has Dark Red pants.

The Daughter has a cute freckle face print and a double side torso print.

A Step by step look at the building of the Christmas tree.

Once the tree is done you get to build some presents and a blue train. I totally dig the train!

Here are the spares you get with this set.

This was a quick build, but a really fun one. The tree is nicely designed although the grey pieces could have been done in brown to give you the look of branches... maybe next time. The ladder is nicely done too. It was difficult to get the Dad to stay on, because his (or anyone's) feet are slightly wider then the inside of the fence piece that is used to make the ladder.. Now the mini train, for me is a winner! I can see myself building a ton of these in different colors :-)
You get plenty of pressies to fill out the bottom of the Christmas tree. It gives you a little warm fuzzy feeling of how Christmas mornings used to looked like when you were a kid.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed this quick review!

As always and if you want too, let us know in the comments below, what you think of this set. I would love to hear your opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... Bringing the winter to Oz through LEGO. Lets start a village!

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