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LEGO S@H Exclusive 40059: Santa's Sleigh Review.

Today we will continue with the Christmas theme and give you a closer look at the LEGO S@H Exclusive 40059: Santa's Sleigh. I ordered this at the same time as the 10232: Palace Cinema. Now originally I had planned to make the whole order a Christmas Theme and buy the 10235 Winter Village Market but at the time of ordering they had ran out of stock. Now my plan is to wait for part 2 of the Limited Edition 2013 S@H give away and buy the 10235 Winter Village Market... Hopefully it will be in stock when the promotion starts.

LEGO Shop @ Home Exclusive 40059: Santa's Sleigh. 
 The set contains 77 pieces and retails for $12.99.
 Comes with 2 MinifiguresA brick built Reindeer and a Sleigh.

Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.
Click to see a larger view.

This set is a polybag and you will notice that the artwork is different. The photo above is just an example of other sets that use the same type of packaging, all of which I own except for the Business Card Set and will do reviews of them in the near future.

Not a lot on the back just warnings in multiple languages and where the components are made.

When we open the polybag we get a bunch of loose larger elements, a bag of the smaller elements and a fold out instruction sheet, much like in the old days when we got little adverts of other sets available back in the 80's and 90's.

A look at all the pieces in the set.

A sad looking Santa Minifigure. No torso printing, an old wizard style beard and a pirate hat. He has the very common single sided face print.

Santa's head elf... err yeah ok... He has a single sided face print and a printed front and back torso. He also has Red mini legs.

Here is a step by step build of both the Sleigh and the brick built Reindeer.

A look at the complete set.

The spares that come with the set. I am really getting a build up on some of the 1x1 plates now! So glad LEGO are now adding them as spares these days!

Some final shots of the set at different angles.

Bye bye Santa! Happy travels...

When I first saw this at S@H I really liked the look of the set, but now after building it I was left a bit... meh.
Santa really is a bit lacking considering there is now a Santa in the CMF series 8. I suppose they (LEGO) didn't want to add it to this set because they are also releasing the same CMF Santa in this years City Advent Calender. This Set could have been an epic little set, had they used some of the new elements from the CMF range like the Elf hat. Below is just something I quickly put together. By adding in a proper Santa, Elf hat, pants, his little bear and present as well as the Santa sack, I think this set would have been the bees knees!
How the set should have looked.
I like the look of the brick built Reindeer. Such a simple build yet it really shows you what can be done using very little in terms of parts. I think there are 18 parts to build him and I think it looks wonderful. If you have the CMF's to change and add to this set, I recommend picking one up before they are gone! But at $12.99 I can see why anyone would be hesitant to buy one with only 77 pieces.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review!

As always and if you want too, let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... Time to decorate the Christmas tree next!

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