Wednesday, 28 May 2014

LEGO Ninjago: Zane - Rebooted Minifigure Review.

We are on to our forth and final week of the Ninjago Rebooted minifigure Month reviews.  This week we look at Zane - Rebooted, be sure to check in on Friday to see what the final "Minifigures" review for the month! 

In today's “Minifigures” review we are going to take a look at “Zane – Rebooted” from the 2014 Ninjago theme. This version of the White Ninja has an all new and exclusive “Techno robe" torso. His robes are completely different in style compared to all the other coloured ninjas. The ice cracking around his symbol looks fantastic. On the back of Zane’s torso he has the same ice creature emblem as his “Battle Damaged robe”. Zane’s head piece has a single sided face print. His hair piece is the same as the “Battle Damaged” version and previously used back in 2009’s “Agents” theme. Like all his other Ninja pals, he too has the new White bandanna. Zane is the only ninja to have two unique variants in this 2014 Ninjago wave. This clean version of Zane is from a Limited and Hard to Find set and is essential for all you Minifigure collectors out there.

You can purchase this Minifigure and more from their Ninjago Page.

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