Monday, 12 May 2014

LEGO Ninjago: Kai - Rebooted Minifigure Review.

We are on to our second week in Ninjago Rebooted minifigure reviews.  This week we look at  Kai, be sure to check in on Thursday to see what the next "Minifigures" review will be!

In today's “Minifigures” review we are going to take a look at “Kai – Rebooted” from the new 2014 Ninjago theme. This Red Ninja has all new printing on his "Techno robe" torso that’s similar to Lloyd’s in style. He has a wonderful double sided print with some really lovely details on him. The Dark Red and Gold printing go well together and they top it off with some Red and Yellow flames just above his belt. The back of the torso has an awesome Gold Dragon emblem print surrounded by fire. Kai has a single sided face print sporting a stylised scar going across his left eye. His hair piece is all new and is exclusive to this Minifigure. It has a soft rubbery texture to it (a great looking sculpt too). He also has the new bandanna mouth piece in Red and it’s definitely going to be on everyone’s wish list! This is another exciting looking Ninja and who doesn’t like Red?! Kai totally rocks and will be a favourite for sure. A must have Minifigure for all you Ninjago fans and Minifigure collector’s out there!

For the Month of May, this Minifigure & 9 others from the Ninjago range are just $10 each.

You can purchase this Minifigure and more from their Ninjago Page.

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