Friday, 30 May 2014

LEGO Ninjago: Cole - Rebooted Minifigure Review.

Well this is it! The final Minifigure review for "Ninjago Month". We hope you have enjoyed these reviews as much as I have and it's helped you in deciding if you need to add them to your collection. I have had a real blast doing these and I thank Minifigures for the opportunity in doing them! I wonder what will be next!

Also, please make sure you go to the "Minifigures" Facebook page tonight for the "Forth and final round match-up" as Zane and Cole go head to head and vote* for your favorite Minifigure for your chance to Win It! The winner is announced on Monday!
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For our last Ninjago Rebooted “Minifigures” review of the month, we are going to take a look at the team's leader “Cole – Rebooted” from the 2014 Ninjago theme. This Black Ninja has all new printing on his "Techno robe" torso that’s similar in style to Jay’s. The highlights include Metallic Gold printing over the Dark Bluish Gray sash and Orange lava running across the torso really make this pop. This can sometimes be hard to do on a Black piece. On the back he has an Earth “power” emblem printed in Metallic Gold. Cole has a single sided face print that features his thick bushy eyebrows to help complete his scowl. His hair piece has only been used twice before (Skater from the Collectible Minifigures Series 1 and 41005 Heartlake High Friends set). Cole also has the new bandanna piece in Black and is exclusive to him. With Cole being the team leader, you will need him in your collection to help lead his friends to victory!


You can purchase this Minifigure and more from their Ninjago Page.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this new Minifigure review. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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