Wednesday, 21 May 2014

LEGO Ninjago: Evil Wu Minifigure Review.

We are on to our Third week in Ninjago Rebooted minifigure Month reviews.  This week we look at  Evil Wu, be sure to check in on Friday to see what the next "Minifigures" review will be!

In today's “Minifigures” review we are going to take a look at Evil Wu from the 2014 Ninjago theme. Wu has a double sided torso print featuring Black and Dark Purple highlights. Details include Metallic Silver metal plating that’s exposed from one half of his robes; his belt buckle has what looks like a fancy looking W symbol made from lightning bolts. There’s more metal plating and a saw blade emblem printed in the middle of his back. His head piece has double sided printing too. The front of Wu face has metal plating with “evil” Red eyes, while the back of the head only has some plating to one side. This incarnation of Wu, we see him with a Black beard instead of his traditional White beard. The colour of his conical Asian hat has changed again, this time to a Flat Silver which matches his overall look. If you own any of the “good” Wu’s, then you are going to want get this “evilWu to round out his continuing story.

For the Month of May, this Minifigure & 9 others from the Ninjago range are just $10 each.

You can purchase this Minifigure and more from their Ninjago Page.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this new Minifigure review. I hope you enjoyed it! 

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