Sunday, 30 March 2014

The LEGO Movie McDonald’s Happy Meal Cups Coming Soon.

The McDonald’s Happy Meal "Minisite" has updated thier website to show us what the next promotional "toy"  will be.
After the Mr. Peabody & Sherman toys McDonald's will be giving you with every happy meal purchase a The LEGO Movie Action Cups, The very same one that were available in the U.S back in February. There will be 8 different collectible cups for you to collect which will feature many of the main characters from the movie including President Business/Lord Business, Unikitty, Vitruvius, MetalBeard, Batman, Wyldstyle, Good/Bad Cop and Emmet.

*** Edit ***       Starts  03/04/2014    They are available now guys and gals!

From other images around the net they appear to be lenticular cups. For example: Good Cop changes to Bad Cop.

*** EDIT ***  These are also available in-store as well. They are a set of 8 Quiz cards.

There is no release date on the "Minisite" but I assume they will be available from April around the same time as the movie release.

So let the hunt begin. I bet these will be all over the place (Ebay and Gumtree).

Tan Tile signing out...

8 different collectible cups you can collect which features many of the main characters in the movie including Batman, Unikitty, Bad Cop, Emmet, Wyldstyle, MetalBeard, President Business, and Vitruvius. - See more at:
Action Cups
Action Cups
Action Cups


  1. Thanks for the info. :-)

    I tried 3 different Maccas stores today (2 different Melbourne Central locations, plus the one in Holmesglen), and had no success at any of them. :-( The 2 Melbourne Central outlets just gave me blank looks when I asked if they had the LEGO Movie Happy Meal, then showed me that they still had Mr Peabody toys, whilst the Holmesglen one admitted that they had received stock of the LEGO cups, but wouldn't sell them until they had run out of the last of their Mr Peabody stocks, so suggested I try them again next week!

    How do you get the Collector Quiz Cards? Do they come with the Happy Meal, or is there some other qualifying purchase required? Thanks

    1. Hey no problem!

      That's a total bummer mate. Sorry to hear :( I picked up the first to cups at my local with no problems (in Werribee)
      I purchased them for just $2 without having to buy a Happy meal. My store also told me to come back on Friday when they get the new ones in... they have been very helpful.

      The Quiz cards were on the counter, just to one side and free to grab in your own time (This has been from 2 different store too, in my area) I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks heaps for the extra info...

    I managed to track down the Lord Business & UniKitty cups at Chadstone today! :-D They didn't have the quiz cards at the store inside the shopping centre, but they sent me to the one across the road which had them, so now 'everything is awesome'. ;-)

  3. Hi guys.. When were the emmet and batman cups released. . We have the other 6. Any ideas where we can get the remaining 2. Visited so many with no luck. Thanks

    1. Hi! We got our Batman and Emmet cups last week, But having said that we now have the whole set of 8 in less then 2 weeks of the 4 week promotion. We pick ours up from Point Cook in Melbourne (only helpful if you live in the state :-/ sorry...) and the rest of the cups came from different stores some on the same day and they all had different cups available from store to store.