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LEGO The Simpsons 71006: The Simpsons House Review

It's finally hear, and it's awesome. Yes, for the first time ever, The Simpsons and LEGO together. Today, we'll have a look at the first (and currently only) The Simpsons LEGO House. 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield.

Set Number: 71006

Theme: The Simpsons

Set Name: The Simpsons House

Part Count: 2523

Minifigures: 6

Australian RRP: $329.99

Featuring: Homer & Marge's bedroom, Lisa's bedroom, Bart's bedroom, Homer's car, Homer's (Flanders'!) barbeque and wheelbarrow, skateboard ramp, sun lounges

The LEGO Group and 20th Century Fox officially announced earlier this year they were forming a partnership to produce sets and mini figures based on the longest running sitcom of all time. Pictures of alleged mini figures had been leaked before this, however, The Simpsons House was kept well hidden until just before the partnership was announced. 

A series of mini figures will also be released in May this year, with a special episode of The Simpsons featuring LEGO to screen around the same time. 

No further sets have yet been announced, however, given the vast array of settings, characters and vehicles featured in the TV show, it can only be a matter of time before more sets are announced and released.

So, where to start with this set. It is huge!

Front of Box

The front of the box shows 742 Evergreen Terrace in all of it's glory, with Bart tearing it up on the skateboard, Flanders cooking a BBQ for the Simpsons, Homer coming home from work, Marge gardening, and Maggie reliving her moment from the episode "Who Shot Mr.Burns?" holding a power drill like a gun...

Rear of Box

The rear of the box shows the house opened up. The construction of the house is similar to that of 10228: Monster Fighters Haunted House, in that it hinges open to reveal the inside of the house. Lisa is shown showing off her piano skills to Homer, the family in their trademark pose watching TV on the couch, Homer fixing (destroying) something in the garage while Flanders looks on (in horror no doubt), Marge vacuuming their bedroom while Maggie looks on from her cot, the family in the car, Lisa taking photos with a camera, Maggie flushing Lisa's camera down the toilet, and Bart lying on his bed reading a "Radioactive Man" comic. 

Box Contents

The box contains 3 instruction booklets, a sticker sheet (thankfully, there aren't that many stickers), and bags numbered 1-7. 


This set comes with 6 mini figures, with the 5 members of the Simpsons family, and their oakily-dokily neighborino Ned Flanders. All of the characters heads are new moulds which have been created for this theme, and the quality and detail of each of them is absolutely stunning. 


Homer is featured in this set wearing his trademark white shirt, pink stripped tie, and blue pants, and is carrying a briefcase. The interesting thing to note with Homer's arms is that they are moulded in two separate colours (white for his upper arms for his shirt, and yellow for his lower arms, which, as far as I know, is a first for a mini figure. Bart's arms are similar (see below).


Marge is featured wearing her usual green dress, and is wearing a white apron as well.


Bart is featured wearing his red t-shirt, blue pants, and blue shoes. The interesting thing to note with Bart's leg piece is that the yellow section isn't painted - the leg piece has actually been moulded in two colours, which, as far as I know, is a first for a mini figure. Similar to Homer's arms, Bart's arms are also moulded in two colours - red for this upper arms for his t-shirt, and yellow for his lower arms.


Lisa is featured wearing her red dress, with a skirt piece for the lower part of her dress. 


Maggie is featured in her baby blue bodysuit. Maggie's body is a brand new mould, and her entire body is one piece. 

Ned Flanders:

Ned is featured wearing his usual green sweater with shirt and tie underneath, and grey pants. He is also wearing an apron, whilst he barbeques on Homer's (his!) barbeque, with the words "Hail to the Chef" printed on it. 

The build: 

Bag 1 - Homer's car, barbeque, skateboard ramp, sun lounges

Flanders' BBQ (Note the sticker down the bottom of the BBQ - "Property of Ned Flanders")

Homer's Car - it's missing a roof, which is a little bit strange, and the only reason I can think they did this is so Marge's hair sticks out the top of the car. The front passenger side of the bonnet has 1 x 1 sloped tiles on it to represent damage to the car.

Sun loungers and a couple of cocktails

Flanders' Wheelbarrow (Note the sticker down the bottom of the wheelbarrow - "Property of Ned Flanders")

Bart's Skateboard Ramp

Bag 2 - Garage

- Tool box, work bench

Bag 3 - Front downstairs of house, letter box

- piano, vacuum cleaner, half of kitchen

Bag 4 - Rear downstairs of house

- second half of kitchen, kitchen table & four chairs, rug, TV, couch, staircase

Bag 5 / 6 - Homer & Marge's Bedroom, Bathroom and Lisa's Bedroom

- Homer & Marge's bed, Maggie's cot, toilet, shower, Lisa's bed, bookcase

Bag 7 - Bart's Bedroom

- Desk, Bart's bed, bookcase, Lisa's dressing table

The Completed Model

Front of house

Rear of House

Side of house

Side of house (the air conditioner has a sticker saying "Property of Ned Flanders")

Interior of House (from top left, clockwise: Homer & Marge's Bedroom, Staircase, Lisa's Bedroom, Lounge Room, Kitchen)

Interior of House (from top left, clockwise: Lisa's Bedroom, Homer & Marge's Bedroom, Kitchen, Lounge Room)

Bart's Bedroom

Lisa's Bedroom

Lounge Room


Overall, this is one of THE best LEGO sets ever created. The attention to detail in capturing all of the elements of the Simpsons house is brilliant, as is the use of bright, vibrant colours. MOCers will love this set, with plenty of parts in rare colours, as well as a couple of new parts. 

The mini figures have been carefully moulded, and I can't wait to see what they do with the collectable mini figure series that is released in May. Given the number of prominent characters in the show, here's hoping they don't just stop at one series of Simpsons mini figures, and create more in future. 

Whilst the price may appear steep, given the number of parts, mini figures, and sheer enjoyment, I think this set is well worth every cent. It should start appearing in retail stores in Australia around May, and, with 20% discounts that seem to pop up a lot of the time now, you should be able to pick it up for about $260-$270.

I hope you've enjoyed our review of 71006: The Simpsons House, please leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the set. 

This is Chris signing off, 90's style, Cowabunga Dudes!

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