Friday, 14 March 2014

LEGO Taskmaster Minifigure Review.

The kind folks over at Minifigures have sent us a Taskmaster Minifigure to do our next review for them. Before we take a look at this awesome Minifigure lets give you a little background about the Marvel character... 

Taskmaster has the ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously. This ability allows Taskmaster to instantly replicate any fighting style and skill set that he observes from other Super Heroes or Super Villains. Such as accurate marksmanship like Captain America with his shield or Hawkeye with his bow and arrow, or any form of combat like Iron Fist's martial arts or the agility of Spider-Man. Once he has mastered an opponent's physical movements, Taskmaster can then predict his opponent's next attack. The only opponent he cannot mimic is Deadpool, due to his unpredictable nature and manic personality which makes it almost impossible for Taskmaster to predict his next movements.

In today's Minifigure review we are going to take a look at the Taskmaster Minifigure from the new 2014 Marvel Super Heroes theme. Taskmaster has a double sided print on his torso, featuring Dark Blue tights with a nicely detailed brown leather belt with a Gold "T" on his belt buckle, there is also a pouch on his right hand side. He has a classic buckle on his bandoleer that goes across his chest and follows through to the back. He has printing on both sides of his head piece, an angry facial expression on the one side, and the slightest smirk on the other. This is the first time the hood piece has appeared in the colour White and is exclusive to this Minifigure. Taskmaster also comes with a White cloth cape. This is a fantastic Minifigure with superb print details and is a must have Minifigure for you to add to your ever growing Super Villains collection. 

Taskmaster is available now.

Minifigures also stock a wide range of LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures for purchase to help complete your collection.

[We thank "Minifigures" for sending Taskmaster for review.]

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  1. I love the white hood especially!