Tuesday, 2 July 2013

LEGO Batman: The Movie: A look at the Clark Kent Minifigure.

Last week (26/06/2013) was the release of  LEGO Batman: The Movie DC Super Heroes Unite on Blu-Ray and DVD. Big W are selling this version with an exclusive Clark Kent Minifigure. The movie runs for just over 70 minutes and my kids were glued to every scene! They loved it so much they watch it straight after the first viewing. To keep the kids quite for 2 hours and 20 minutes is a bonus in this house. What I saw of the movie seemed very entertaining. I will need to sit down and have a decent look at it.
Of course Daddy got to keep the Minifigure. :-D   Lets give you a closer look at the Clark Kent Minifigure!

  A Close up of the exclusive Clark Kent Minifigure in it's packaging.

Out if it''s slip case. The packaging is much the same as the Star Wars and The Hobbit versions.

Lets zoom in on Clark in his blister pack.

Front and back shot of Clark out of his blister pack. Single face print and no printing on the back of the torso.

Close up of the face print

A close up view of the torso print. The tie is a bit out of proportion. The red blue and yellow are nice and rich in color. Some of the ones I looked over were very dull indeed.

A comparison shot of Clark Kent and The Man of Steel! When taking the photo I did notice Superman is slightly taller then his alter ego Clark Kent, all due to the hair piece.

When I went to purchase the Blu-Ray, I had to search through a few of them to find the best one. A lot of them had real dodgy looking prints on them. So take the time to look at them all and find the best one for you.

Tell us what you think of the Minifig in the comments.

That's it for now, thanks for reading...

Tan Tile flying off... to save someone in need...

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