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The Lone Ranger LEGO 79109: Colby City Showdown Review.

Today I had the opportunity to sit down and build The Lone Ranger LEGO 79109: Colby City Showdown.
Whilst I haven't seen the movie yet I thought I would pick this up at the Myer Toy Sale.
I love westerns and this is my first western set ever. I was still in my "dark age" when the first western theme came out.
The set contains 587 pieces and retails for $89.99, a bit steep IMO. I picked it up for $59.37.
Comes with 5 Minifigures: Bank and a Sheriff's office.

On the back of the box art the images show all the play features including: A hidden firing canon, an exploding goal cell wall, a falling chandelier and another exploding wall to get to all the goodies in the Bank safe.

When you open the box you will find 4 numbered bags. Each bag will build a level of both the Bank and the Sheriff office. There is a sticker sheet containing 9 stickers to apply. 2 instruction books, one for each building and a 8 x 16 tan plate. All floating loose in the box.

A close up of the sticker sheet.

The contents of bag 1. This will build the ground work for the sheriff office. Again with the larger sets you get a orange brick separator. Funny thing is up until last year I only had 2 old green brick separator in my collection. I have lost count how many I own now. We also have 3 revolvers and 2 rifles. Something that LEGO don't do very often, unless it's a licensed theme. 

A close up of both Minifigures. The Lone Ranger himself and what I assume to be a "bad guy" named Frank. It's the dynamite that gave it away.  :-)

The foundations of the Sheriff office.

A simple gun rack.

 These final 3 images show the end of bag 1. It's a compact little building perfect for the kids. A little a harder for me to get my hands in. I really like the look of the tan and dark tan color combo.

Front of the Sheriff office.
The back end, showing a table, chair small counter with a cup and the gun rack shown earlier in it's place.
There is a ladder to access the soon to come roof.

Side view to see the window shutters, barrel and the goal cell door with hanging key. A bit to close to the door if you ask me.

Leftovers from bag 1.

On to bag 2. It will finish off the roof on the Sheriff office. A few pages into building the roof we start applying the first lot of stickers.

The Tonto Minifigure has a double sided face print. A calm smile and a "i'ma going to crap my pants look"

Tonto with his headgear on including the new crow mold that can be removed.

Front                                                                                                 Back
A Shot of the Stickers applied, 7 in total.

The front view. The finished look of the Sheriff office

As you pull down the 4x8 black plate, out slides the hidden cannon. Ready for an ambush.

Side View.
A shot with the play features. Dynamite at the ready to blow the wall out!

End of bag 2 and you have these left over.

Next up is bag 3. Time to start building the Bank.

This Minifigure is named Ray. Not sure if he is a bad guy or a disgruntled bank teller. He comes with a revolver and the new Santa sack from the Series 8 collectible Minifigures line.

A Little wagon with 2 green printed $100 notes and a clear bottle.

First level of the Bank with the contents of bag 3. Highlights are the light bluish grey brick profile 1x2 bricks. One of my favorite newest pieces. I like the dark green bricks too.

Rear of the Bank. You can see that inside the Bank there is a teller window to make a withdrawal or a deposit. The use of wedged plates and plate swivel hinges give this its angular look.

 spares of bag 3 so far we have 2 spare revolvers... sweet!

4th and final bag to complete the rest of the Bank.

Dan Reid the sheriff! I love the reddish brown cowboy hat! Great looking Minifigure too!

The safe doors open

The safe doors closed.

 The completed Bank front. While I was building this, it slipped off the table and smashed everywhere. It's amazing where Lego bounces off to. I reckon it's worse then spilt milk. Took me 10 minutes to find all the missing pieces.

Rear of the Bank with the safe in it rightful place. Not so squeezy for the Bank teller.

Side view before showing you the play features

Play features include a falling chandelier; The Bank signage falling and an exploding front/side wall to get into the big black safe!

Final lot of spares from bag 4.

Final group of photos all completed.

Close up of the Bank.

Close up of the sheriff office.

Finally a wide shot giving you a great look at what you get in the set.

Overall this was a great build and would recommend it to anyone. Being my first western set I absolutely love it. It would have been nice to have a couple of horses included so you could have something to get away on, after just robbing the Bank. Especially for the price they are asking for it. For the price I got it for I'm very happy with it.
I think I might try to MOC a salon to go with this and a little general store or... or... oh so many ideas! 

Well that's about it for this review. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as i enjoyed building... probably not :-P

Let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile riding off into the sun set... wait I have no horse... damn it!

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  1. Awesome movie Great direction, story, music Everything was perfect. Jhony depp steals the show