Monday, 8 July 2013

LEGO 76002: Superman: Metropolis Showdown Review

After reviewing the Clark Kent fig the other day I decided to pull this out and build it. We will take a look at this little Man of Steel set.
LEGO 76002: Superman: Metropolis Showdown.
The set contains 119 pieces and retails for $22.99. You will find it for $18.39 at Shopforme (as of 07/07/2013)
Comes with 2 Minifigures: Superman and General Zod.

The Front of the Box gives you in idea of what's intended  for this set.

Some Play Features include a... nothing to exciting. Shloooooomm?? Superman Shlooooomms?

With any typical set this size you get 2 unnumbered bags. One for the larger parts and one for the smaller parts. 2 instruction books? One to build the communication tower and one for the car.

An overview of all the parts included to build.

Superman and General Zod. They both have double face printing. A grumpy look and an even grumpier look.  :-) Really nice printing on these two. Those Kryptonian folks are an angry lot... Then again if your planet got blown to bits, you would be too. "Boy you can feel the tension... hey?"

Here you see the back printing

There isn't a lot to the build of the communication tower. What you see it what you get... not much
But I do like the Dark Tan 1x2 roof slopes and Tan cheese slopes. If you haven't worked it out yet i like my color Tan.   :-)

A Look at the back of the first instruction manual gives you a rundown of the play features.

Lets get to book 2 and start building the car. The next few images will guide you to build your own if you have the parts. I might even build a blue version of this.

It doesn't take long to build the car, but it does look slick.

One thing I did notice, is that the drivers area is a bit deep for a minifig to sit in it. The arms have to be put in a higher position then normal.

6 spare parts

just to show you the other play feature for this set.

All complete... "come on guys... get in a little closer"

"umm ok that's... err good... yep that will... do... you guys want to smil... never mind..."

a look at the 3 different versions of Supes... yep still grumpy.

"Guys, Guys Ok, Too close Too close... that's a wrap!"

This was an easy build. Not much to go "Wow" over, but it was not really aim for me... That said, the kids really like playing with this set. Flipping the car is a highlight for Jaspa

With any LEGO, I enjoy building and I still enjoyed this one too. I do like the car. The build was very different to any other cars I have built in the past, so that's a thumbs up.
The Minifigs are very well detailed so can't complain about that.
I definitely think this is better value for money with 119 pieces, than 6858 Catwoman  Catcycle City Chase ($24.99) with 89 Pieces or 6865: Captain America's Avenging Cycle ($29.99) with 72 pieces. giving you many more parts for around the same price range. So get it before it goes!

As always, drop us a line in the comments below with what you think of this set.
That's all folks!

Thank you for reading.

Tan Tile getting the "El" out of here...

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