Wednesday, 22 January 2014

London Toy Fair 2014 LEGO 2nd half of the year Round up.

It's London Toy Fair time and have got some details for the 2nd half of 2014 LEGO sets. here are some quick points to whats to come. Hit the link above for the full report and pricing..

Themes ranging from

City will have a new sub-theme "Arctic - Secrets of the Ice" blue and orange colour scheme. Included in the theme will be Huskies! Snowshoes, A new articulated polar bear. Also on display was the new white bullet train (similarly styled like the Horizon Express) and a new train station.

Super Heroes For Marvel there is an X-Jet: with Cyclops in his Astonishing X-Men uniform. Storm is in her debut black outfit. Magneto has white slicked back hair.

There will be 3 Guardians of the Galaxy sets. 76021, 76019, 76020. 

In the DC world, With the Batman/Superman film switching their release date they’re moving the product range from 2015 to 2016 . And inserting a new range for 2015.

Star Wars A New Dewback.
There is a new Advent Calendar with a Xmas tree droid and Darth Vader Santa.
Imperial shuttle and mini tie fighter.
Imperial Star Destroyer comes with a microfig of the Emperor.
A Ghost ship from the new Rebels TV Show
An AT-AT similar size to old one but different leg construction.
and a new Snow Speeder.

TMNT both TV Show and movie sets.
Turtle Van Takedown, Big Rig Snow Getaway, Turtle Lair New figs: Leatherhead, Spiderbytez, Kirby Bat, Karai.
Styled Turtles for the TMNT movie sets, much darker. Splinter with short legs?

Hero Factory will be subterranean spider theme. Some pieces look glow in the dark. (It's like another language to me hit the link above for more detail)

Ultra Agents 2014 Spy storyline. Every box you get a different mission with an online comic. Works with augmented reality to create your own comics. Agents Blaize, Phoenix, Bolt, Burns. Enemies Terror.

Collectable Minifigures,  Series 12 is due October 2014. Each comes with a code to unlock something. Simpsons will all be unique minifigs in the series.

Mixels Not sure about the Australian release dates are but for the UK Series 1: March, Series 2: June, Series 3: September

Legends of Chima,  The continent splits and a piece of chi falls into the chasm and reawakens some of the legendary tribes. Mammoths! Including a big fig! there will be Sabretooth Tigers, a Phoenix tribe and Vultures. There will be Giant AT-AT style mammoth set.

Ninjago. Terminator style theme continues and there is a Dojo set that hasn’t been released. Going to continue the theme into 2015 and beyond.

LotR/Hobbit  There will be a Smaug similar-sized to the Castle dragon. The Witch King minifig glows in the dark. The Elrond fig looks like the polybag figure. The bargeman’s son comes in one of the sets (3 buildings, an addon to the Laketown Chase)
Technic will have digger licensed from Volvo which will contains power functions. This will be the biggest Technic set released this year.

 That is just a quick walk through of what sets are coming in the second half of 2014 but if you need more details head over to Brickfanatics for some pricing and set numbers for most of the sets

My hit list will be
Super Heroes, TMNT, City, LotR/Hobbit, Collectable Minifigures... Ahhh who am I kidding I'll be looking at them all. Even Chima sound pretty damn awesome! and Sound like some very interesting new elements are coming our way :-D Cant wait to see some images...

 ....News source via Brickfanatics...


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