Monday, 5 August 2013

LEGO City 60027: Monster Truck Transporter Review

This week the second half of this years City sets started appearing on our shelves, just like the Coast Guard set I reviewed last week. This week I will review the LEGO City 60027: Monster Truck Transporter that my Mum picked up for my Son on the weekend.
LEGO City 60027: Monster Truck Transporter
 The set contains 299 pieces and retails for $39.99.
 Comes with 3 Minifigures: Monster Truck Transporter with Trailer and Monster Truck.

 Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.

The back of the box has the usual HEY! image in the top right hand corner.
We see the crew setting up the ramp for the Monster Truck to launch from.
The semi-rig carrying the Monster Truck.

After opening the box we have 4 numbered bags. Loose in the box you also get instructions, a sticker sheet, a 2x16 Dark Bluish Grey Plate and a 8x16 Dark Bluish Grey Tile.

A close up of the sticker sheet. There are 19 stickers in total to apply. Good grief... that's a lot!

The contents of bag 1. All of this will construct the Monster Truck.

 The Monster Truck driver Minifig has an awesome new print on both front and back of the torso. He has a single sided face print.

A step by step shot of how the Monster Truck is built. This thing looks amazing when done!

We also have to build the ramp with the parts in bag 1. In the picture below I have shown how I apply the round sticker. What I did is grab a heap of spare 2x6 plates and built a frame around where the sticker is meant to go. This gives me a perfect center to apply the round sticker. I do this with most stickers that are smaller than the brick that it's applied to.

Bag 1 complete! That was a really fun build! Besides putting on that round sticker...


New vehicle, needs a new instruction book. Just a pic of what bags 2, 3 and 4 will consist of.

 Contents of bag 2. Here you will see the new hat and ear muffs and some new tools that are only availible in 4 sets so far. No sprue for the tools like they have done in the past.

 A close up of some of the new elements.

Both Monster Truck Mechanic Minifigs, Front and back all with the same new torso prints as the driver. Both have single sided face prints

 A shot of the base of the truck and the end of bag 2.

The contents of bag 3 will construct the cab of the truck. 

It was a pretty quick build. The only thing to slow me down were the stickers. 

 Bag 4 will build the trailer for the transportation of the Monster Truck.

A shot of the completed trailer... you will notice that there is no wheel guards. The Monster Truck drives over the trailer wheels to get on... kind of odd yes?

All complete! 

Now I will show you some different angles of the set.

Lastly here are all the spares from the set.

Overall this set is fantastic. Some interesting pieces in the whole thing and some different build techniques with the front ends of both trucks. The minifigures are superb, the printing on the torso's are nice and crisp! The new head gear and tools are awesome to have and I will need to get more of them for myself! This was a really fun build and I am looking forward to adding this into our city one day... If we ever get enough room.
I wonder if they will do a companion set to this in the future, with another team? I hope so.
Thanks for reading!

Let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... I goin warsh my bigol truck before the next review.

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  1. Nice review, thanks!
    The lack of rear view mirrors on the tractor truck is a little disappointing. Particularly that the monster truck has them!