Monday, 26 August 2013

A lovely looking Neuffen Train station.

While browsing Flickr I came across a Beautiful model that Flickr member Duq from Ireland had created.
The Neuffen station was built for The Dun Laoghaire model railway show and he mentions that it is still a work in progress... O-o Amazing!

As a youngster he had an N-scale model of this station and wanted to recreate it in Lego. I think he pulled it off... don't you? For the main structure Duq used over 3000 red cheese slopes and 250 dark red cheese slopes and around 900 black cheese slopes for the side building. Doing the roof alone would have taken a month of Sunday's alone, but the rest of the building and it's surroundings are simply stunning! 
For a WIP I can not wait to see the end result!

Well done Duq! You have yourself a fan right here.

Here is a comparison shot of the original Station.

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