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LEGO Architecture 21017: Imperial Hotel Review.

Today's Review is something a little different. Stepping away from the normal everyday sets, we will take a look at a 2013 release of set 21017: Imperial Hotel from the LEGO Architecture series. This is my first set in the range and I must say that the packaging is beautifully presented. It has a higher quality of box compared to the normal everyday sets we get at the toy store. It definitely gives off a "This one is for the adults" feel, and it rings true because my Son was very disappointed to find out there was no Minifigures for him to build.

LEGO Architecture 21017: Imperial Hotel
 The set contains 1188 pieces and retails for $189.99.

 Note: All photo's can be clicked on for a larger view.

  Although my box arrived in not so "mint condition" the look and feel of this set is stunning.  

 A quick glance at the back of the box gives a brief one paragraph description of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his building. The rest of the writing are all in different languages. 

Opening the box we see bags of parts tightly packed and full to the brim. Very little room for air or movement during shipping which makes me wonder why other sets aren't packed this way, because it seems to work extremely well.

The instruction book is packed at the bottom under all the bags keeping it flat and in perfect condition.
Another reason why all sets should be packed this way - no more bent or creased instructions or sticker sheets.

A side view of the book, I placed a 1x1 plate to give you an idea of how thick the instruction book is.

Just some random images of the inside of the book before we start the build.

Another thing I noticed is the the black background for the parts call out and step by step build. Stunning! It totally works and makes the build feel even more special.

We have 10 unnumbered bags and sitting loose on top of the instruction book are Six 6x16 black plates.

Funny how the 6x16 plates on the left look thicker then the ones on the right... must be the lens.

Waaay to many pieces to sort and line up... so I opted  for the tip and spread technique. So many little pieces. Amongst all those pieces there is one 1x8 black printed tile with Imperial Hotel on it.

Just like a comic, below are some step by step pictures of how the Imperial Hotel progressed.

After about six hours of building: including picking up my Daughter from school, home reading, cooking dinner and washing up, getting lunch ready for the next day then getting both kids into bed, I finally got it finished and wow... Just wow.
I will let the next few pictures speak for themselves.


Love the printed Imperial Hotel tile!

 Some very useful spares are left over!

Overall the Imperial Hotel was and is a brilliant build! The set was intricate, fiddly and a challenging build  with all those small pieces. The use of the SNOT* technique throughout made this one of my favorite builds to date. There is also a lot of jumper plates used and it amazes me how by the end they all join back up! The colors used are well balanced but I wish with all the tan pieces that there could have been a few Tan Tiles :-) but that's just my personal opinion :-p. By the end I was totally surprised at how big this set was and now think I want more of these.
The clean finish with all the tiles adds perfectly to the aesthetics and brings out the best in LEGO.
I originally purchased this set just for the parts (found this for $100) but now find it hard to break it back down. I may need to buy another to do what I originally planned. doh!

 *SNOT is an acronym for Studs not on top. 

Thank you again for reading!
As always if you like let us know in the comments below, what you think of the set. I would love to hear others opinions on it.

Until next time this is Tan Tile... checking out for the next review.

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    I have just found your website because I was looking for review of 10288 and found yours. Anyway, I am now convinced that I am going to get the train set. And perhaps even this! I have not given much thoughts of getting the architecture series because they look so plain to me compared with creator expert. . Well, I was so wrong.