Tuesday, 24 June 2014

LEGO Creator 10244: Fairground Mixer Review

Hi everyone, we're up to our 100th post on Oz Brick Nation, just after we've celebrated our 1st birthday!

Today we're having a look at the LEGO Creator 10244: Fairground Mixer set. This set was actually first unveiled at the Sydney Brick Show earlier this year, which is the first time I've seen LEGO unveil a set in Australia! 

Set Number: 10244

Theme: Creator

Set Name: Fairground Mixer

Part Count: 1746

Australian RRP: $199.99

Featuring: 12 minifigures, dunk tank, mixer truck, accessory truck, high striker, ticket booth, Mixer ride.

Box Art (front)

Box Art (rear)

Glow in the dark pieces as well!

In the box there are bags numbered 1-3, and a sticker sheet (and for once there's not too many stickers - I'm looking at you Maersk Ship!).

The bags numbered 1 contain the parts to build the 12 minifigures, ticket booth, dunk tank, high striker, and accessory truck.

Accessory Truck

High Striker

The high striker actually works well. You can use either of the hammers to hit the red dish down the bottom, and it will propel the white slide up the pole. 

Dunk Tank

If you hit the red target on the dunk tank, the lever will drop a minifigure sitting on the platform into the tank. Beware the killer orange fish!

Ticket Booth

The bags numbered 2 contain the parts to build the mixer truck, and start building the Mixer ride.

Mixer Truck

The bags numbered 3 contain parts to finish the Mixer ride.

Lord Business' brother gets in on the action...


LEGO have made sure to include plenty of minifigures with this set, with no less than 12 minifigures included! Take note of the guy at the back right, he's been on the Mixer ride one too many times...

Power Functions Capability

Instructions are included at the end of book 3 to add power functions to motorise the Mixer ride, and it is nice and simple to add a motor and battery box. Below is a picture of the motor installed in the ride

For this review, we'll even through in a video! For free!

Here's the Mixer in action

It was a lot of fun building this set, and the LEGO equivalent of a good book - once you stop building, it's hard to stop until it's finished!

Overall, I'd rate this set a 9.5/10. It's hard to fault this set, as it's fairly good value for money, and not overly complex to build. This set should appeal to LEGO fans of all ages, our kids love the Mixer ride, especially when I added Power Functions to it. This set is sure to be a LEGO classic.

I hope you've enjoyed our review of 10244: Fairground Mixer, please leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the set. 

Until next time, this is Chris signing off for Oz Brick Nation.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday dear OBN...

Yes it's that time of year! This time last year we had published our very first post with a small introduction.
In that time we have done over 30 set reviews, added to the OBN family by having Chris join the team. We teamed up with Minifigures.com.au to do a few Minifigure reviews. We soldiered on to give you all 3 of last years Advent Calendars. Grown a steady readership from all over the world. Chris and I also created a OZLUG (Australian Lego User Group) Facebook group with over 200 members (make sure you come join and say hello!!).

To celebrate our first birthday I had the idea to build a cake out of our beloved brick. I used a design by Chris Mcveigh as a guide. Here is the end result.

Here are some stats about OBN.
  • 33 set reviews.
  • 11 Minifigure reviews.
  • 24 daily Advent Calendar reviews.
  • 98 posts altogether.
  • Over 70,000 views.
  • 176 Facebook likes.
Top 5 countries most viewed

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Finally we would like to thank you, our loyal readers for your continued support, Our family's and friends for helping to support us and our addiction with LEGO. Without you guys this would not be as fun as it has been.
Here's to another year of Lego!

This is Tan Tile and Chris signing out!