Thursday, 13 November 2014

Our LEGO Winter Village MOC Display.

On the 4th of November 2014 I began construction of our LEGO Winter Village Christmas display.
8 days and 7 late late nights (2am/3am) later I have finished!. This has been my biggest MOC to date. Not that I have done many... This is my 2nd major MOC but I have done about 7 small little 16x16 baseplate sized ones.

The size of this display is Three 48 x 48 and One 32 x 32 baseplates wide and Two 48 x 48 baseplate deep. (1410mm W X 770mm D)
It's lowest point sits on the actual baseplate, and at it's highest point it stands about 34 bricks high! (330mm H)

Throughout the build I have added in some things for the kids to look for like a Where's Wally.
They have to find:
8 x Elves
5 x Reindeer
4 x fire hydrants
3 x Owls
Find everyone that is doing a sport ie: snow baseball, Ice hockey etc..
Everyday I move Bad Santa around and the Kids have to spot him in his new location.

The carousel works with power functions and the motor is hidden in the "shed" and the battery pack is underneath the shed in the underbelly of the foundations.

Below are a few Photos of the display... You can view some 25 more photos in our FLICKR Folder HERE

Bad Santa! Every day I move him to a new location.
Police heading off to apprehend Bad Santa

Thanks for looking and I hope to hear your feedback :-D

Tan Tile signing out!

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