Sunday, 26 October 2014

Display case Review for your LEGO Minifigures.

This past Friday we were sent a little package from one of our Facebook Group members.  What we received was a display case that is compatible with Lego. It's designed to display Lego Minifigures or anything compatible with the brick building system. You could also display small sets or even your own MOC's (My Own Creations) Today we are going to do a review so you can have a closer look at the case.

This is the box it came in. The contents inside was nicely packed with minimal movement. Despite what the box says the external measurements of case (bottom base-plate) are W.260mm x D.155mm x H.138mm. The measurements inside the clear case are W.240mm x D.138mm x H.115mm.

When you open the box everything is individually wrapped in plastic cellophane sleeves to avoid any unwanted scratching.

The larger plate is 30 studs wide x 17 studs deep. The middle one is the same width but is 9 studs deep. The smallest is 4 studs deep. However each step up is not a normal height. It's higher then 1 brick but lower the 1 brick + 1 plate high. So if you were to use the steps to build with you would have trouble lining them up height wise. Each levels underside is hollow.

The display cases also come in five different colours; Black, Light Grey, Yellow, White and Green.
As you can see we received a green one. Below we have placed the 5 shades of known LEGO Green. From left to right; Olive Green, Lime Green, Bright Green, Green and Dark Green. As you can see none of these greens match.  

When attaching the first step up, you have two holes in the large base-plate with the middle sized step having pegs to line up to the larger base. 

The smallest step fits in tightly. Below you can see the step up.

Lets put some Minifigures in! We just so happen to have the Team GB Olympic Athletes waiting to try out the new display case.

For the inside of the case, you are able to build up to 12 bricks high if you are planning to build little MOC's.

Finally here is the case completely assembled with Team GB inside. Plenty of room for you to maneuver your favorite minifigures around. 

I think these look quite affective. I'd be interested to see how close the Yellow and Grey colours match the Lego colour pallet. The panels are easy to put together and are nice and clear with minimal imperfections.
I did have a slight issue with a bit of plastic slag in one of the slits for the top cover, but nothing the tip of steak knife couldn't fix. I took the bottom off to see if I could sit "another case" on top but these are not stackable. They are solid and most importantly they keep the dust off of what ever you decide to put in them.

OBN would like to thank OZLUG FB Member Grant Dakos for providing us with the display case for review. Hit the link to contact Grant via PM if you would like more information about orders, pricing and possible bulk orders or join our OZLUG Group and look at other photos members have taken who have brought off him.

Thanks for reading.

Tan Tile signing out!

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