Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Australia's first BrickPak "Loot Box" Review.

http://www.brickpak.com/Well Here it is! For over a month, we have been waiting in anticipation to finally see what we will get in Australia's very first BrickPak Box! Monday (02/03/2015) afternoon it arrived on our door step.

This is March's BrickPak and it was limited to only 100 subscribers. The plan is for it to be a month by month subscription where the subscriber will get a box sent with LEGO/Brick related products, over $50 in value.

Depending on what subscription plan you choose the more savings you potentially get. You have 3 options; 1 Month ($29.95 plus $7.95 shipping per month), 3 Months ($27.95 plus $7.95 shipping per month) or 6 Months ($25.95 plus $7.95 shipping per month).

The Brickpak team have kindly donated March's "Brickpak Box" for review.

 Here is the front of the Aqua coloured box. The packaging folds open much like a LEGO Ideas or Architecture box would. If you have a YouTube channel they encourage you to do an "unboxing" video using the hashtag #Brickpak and by doing so have a chance at winning prizes. The prize is revealed at the very end of this review.

Once we open the box this is whats revealed to us. As we pull away the layers... the more we find.

From Infomation provided by the BrickPak team, they stated that at least 6 items will be included in every month's box.  Being it's very first outing they have packed in 9 items. Below we will take a closer look at each of the items that were included.

First up is this cool stress brick with the BrickPak Logo on it. It hasn't come up very well in the photo but the printing is a metallic silver, which has a really great look and effect when it's bounced off of a light source. Plus you can stand on this and it will never ever hurt like the real bricks do.

This months apparel inclusion is a custom printed truckers cap featuring "Mr Smith's Ice Creamery"  logo on the front, designed by the BrickPak team. I must admit I was totally surprised by it because I was actually expecting a T-shirt, given as it asks you for your size when subscribing. Sneaky! lol

Keeping with the Green theme we also get the newly reissued Classic Space Man Minifigure in Green. It is the very same one we reviewed some months back.

The minifigure has the standard smile we have grown up with over the years. (If you're an 80's child that is...) The back of the card gives a bit of information about Minifigures.com.au who supplied him or her for this months BrickPak.

We also get some stationary, a 4 pack of LEGO MOVIE erasers. Some BrickPak subscribers either got this style or the normal yellow LEGO packet version.

When both my wife and I first saw this guy we both thought it was white chocolate... lol. (It's Google redoing the contrast AGAIN!!) But in real life the colour of him is like the old white chocolate buddies you use to get at your local Milk Bar for 0.02 cents each... (Another 80's reference).
Buuuut I digress... Because it's NOT chocolate, in actual fact its a soap bar shaped as a Minifigure. (Gasp! He's naked!) The soap is Mandarin scented and is made from essential oils. Apparently friendly on the skin too. Just because of the novelty factor, we all know it will never get used.  ;-) Who wants to get rubbed up by a minifigure anyway? and a naked one at that... Don't answer that! :-P

Not only do you get a Mr Smith's Ice Creamery hat (seen above) you also get a couple of "custom sticker sheets" that you can cut out and use on future MOCs. The print quality is outstanding on these, they are very sharp and have crisp printing on a glossy paper finish. The BrickPak team would love to see them used and for you to upload any of your creations by using the Hashtag #brickpak or you can email your photos to info@brickpak.com.au.

We also get a Polybag set! Certainly a hot item in this house as the wife instantly tried to swipe it out of my hands before I could look at it. It's a City set 30013 Quad Bike from way back in 2010. It consists of 34 pieces. We don't get to many Polybags sets in Oz so it was a nice surprise to see it in the box.

One thing I was excited to look inside of was this resealable ziplock bag! High quality I might add! Inside we get...
  • 1 x Black lamp post (compete) 4 base flutes (Only available in 4 sets)
  • 1 x Large Leafed Plant in Bright Green (I totally love this piece! I was going to go with Large Leafed Plant as my name but went with Tan Tile instead. It rolls of the tongue easier Haha)
  • 4 x flower stems in Green
  • 3 x flower - Sprue of Four (Yellow, White and Bright Pink)
A neat parts pack! Our LEGO City's need more of this stuff! What I think would be a great idea, is if this turns out to become a little vignette that you build up month by month.

And finally a look at the brochure that is included in the box detailing what is inside your BrickPak box. A checklist if you will.

You Tube your "unboxing" the the Hashtag #brickpak for your shance to with the awesome Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle!

All in all this was a great first outing! I certainly wasn't disappointed with any of this months contents! It's fantastic to see that we finally have the chance to get something like this out here in Australia!

Too often I see videos on You Tube and wonder why we cant get them over here. Now we don't have to... And the best part?! No third party brick pieces like the others have! Any parts so far are have been genuine LEGO pieces and reading from the site it will stay that way too.

I believe these will be great for adults and kids alike. If you have a child, they will get a real kick out of getting a parcel delivered in their name each month! If you are an adult you may not get the same kick out of it as a child would but I'm a big kid and I loved it!

I look forward to April's BrickPak!

I hope you enjoyed this review

Tan Tile signing out!

P.S - A Huge Thank You to BrickPak for allowing us to be one of the first to review this new Subscription service!


  1. nice job TT, will look at picking up a brick pak sub in the near future :)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it and commenting! You can pretend it's your birthday every month when you do subscribe! :-D

  2. Hey TT, I subscribed to BrickPak for 6 months and received my first box this morning. I was surprised by the professional presentation and although the cap probably isn't something I would wear, I am quite pleased with my first BrickPak and look forward to your reviews of future boxes.

    1. It's pretty cool hey? My son loved the Cap! I cant get it off him lol Maybe donate it to one of your little members in you family :-)
      Thanks you for the support!

  3. Good review Tantile, thanks. I was weighing up subscribing to this. It has more lego than I was expecting but not as much as I wanted.

    1. Thank you for reading! Maybe next month might entice you? ;-) The wildlife hint/tease has me curious! If they stick to LEGO only bricks and not third party plastics they will have a subscriber in me.

  4. Great review. Still not sold on getting it myself simply because I'm trying to avoid accumulating random merch but it looks a lot better than I thought it would be.

    1. Thanks man! Totally know what you mean... but if they continue to add polybags I think we'll be sucked in for the long haul lol... The missus Mrs TT love em lol

  5. Liked your review TT, my son loved the box too. The funniest thing was at the time of opening he was most vocally excited about the soap saying "Wow, Lego Soap!!!".

    1. Lol thanks Basta! Your son was a lot smarter then us! But then again that's not hard to do any way :-P

  6. If you have a YouTube channel they encourage you to do an "unboxing" video using the hashtag #Brickpak and by doing so have a chance at winning prizes. The prize is revealed at the very end of this review.
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