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LEGO Exclusive Polar Accessory Set Review.

Hello Everyone! Yes I know It's been ages since I have sat down to do a set review. I have been having  way too much fun just building sets, rather then over-think a set and how to produce photos for a review. I'm a bit rusty again so I thought I would start off with a small set... nice and easy! HA! Boy was I wrong! It took almost 2 solid hours just to edit these few photos. Did I mention I was a bit rusty? Oh yeah I did....  I am... honest!

This particular set that I am reviewing today is Exclusive and was in our latest Shop at Home order that had gotten lost in transit by either DHL or Australia Post. After phone calls and several emails they finally found it... so 27 days after the initial order was placed, this finally arrived with the rest of our awesome order (2 x Exo Suits, 2 x Research Institutes,  Ghostbusters Ecto-1, Jungle Accessory Set and to complete our entire Arctic Theme Collection, the Exclusive 60064 Arctic Supply Plane). Lets get cracking shall we...

Set/Item Number: 850932

Theme: City Arctic

Set Name: Polar Accessory Set

Part Count: 42

Australian RRP: $19.99 (Sold Out)

Featuring: 2 minifigures, Cloth Tent, Crate,
Ice Block and other Accessories.

This type of blister packaging is something that you don't find all to often in an Australian toy aisle. You get 2 pre-assembled minifigures and a bag of parts inside.

The contents of the bag. You get a nice thick Fabric Tent. I pulled the minifigs apart to make it look like there were more parts.  :-P  You also get fold-out instructions. (not pictured)

Here we have the Fabric Tent spread out to give you an idea of what it looks like and if you wish, you could make one similar out of some paper.

The first of the 2 minifigures is this happy little guy. A single sided face print with Green goggles and a 5 O'clock shadow. The torso has a double sided print, featuring a zipper coat with 3 pockets, It's fur-lined and has a Walkie talkie (set on channel 3) that's clipped to the top pocket. He also has the new Arctic emblem on both sides. The legs have printing with a belt and an Orange harness with rock climbing equipment "hanging from it".

The female minifigure in this set has a single sided face print with Orange goggles. The torso has a different double sided print, featuring a zipper coat with 1 pocket that's fur-lined and she has a Walkie talkie (set on channel 4) clipped to a lower strap. She too has the new Arctic emblem on both sides. The legs have the same printing as the minifigure above.

The torso's in the picture below on the left hand side, is the same that you would get from all the regular sets (from Europe) While the torso's on the right is from today's set review (from China). From what I can remember reading online ages ago... was that the European versions (left) with the black neck printing, allowed the printing machines in the factory to know whether to print the front or back of the torso whist the Chinese version (right) does not require one.

Another thing I have noticed is that the Minifigure heads are different in this set compared those in the regular sets. The Fur-lined Hoods don't have any clutch power and sit very loosely on the head. I tested the Fur-lined Hood from both this set and from the regular sets thinking it was them but the problem lies in the length of the stud on the top of the head. As I looked closer I found that they are significantly shorter in this set, as you can see in the photo below. How very odd and disappointing! On a positive note: The Chinese printing looks a lot sharper and cleaner then it's European counterpart.

Here we have all the Accessories grouped together. The only thing to be built here is the little camping stove and pan. You get to place the crystal into the "ice block" as well.

A quick step-by-step build for the tent.

 Here it is complete! A cute little one. The perfect 2 person Tent. Boom Chica Wah Wah.


A cute little set that complements the rest of the Arctic theme. As soon as I saw it online I knew it was a must have set. These things seem to disappear quite quickly and is now sold out in the Australian store. You can still find it here on Bricklink.

It was quick and simple to build with very little to slow you down, other than trying to open the actual packet. The only thing I can really pick at was the quality of the minifigures. Positive: The prints are really sharp and smooth, I cant really fault that. Negative: The clutch power when putting the legs into the torso are quite loose. They just don't grip together all that well. The clutch power when putting the hood on the head is an absolute joke, If you held the minifigure upside down the hood would just pop off, same thing happens when you try to sit them on or in a vehicle.

With this set having 71 less pieces, but also having the same price point as the 60033: Arctic Ice Crawler it doesn't really bother me all that much. I would still be happy to get some more just because of the Hard to Find factor and besides it's kinda cool. 
I love the tent and all it's accessories and I'm glad I got it when I did. I recommend that if you can find one, don't hesitate and grab it!

Thanks for stopping by and reading our new review. I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Great review! You're right about the clutch power of some lego manufactured pieces as I've had recently the minifigure hair piece not sit on correctly and very loose in another set. I do hope that this is just a minor manufacturing defectthough. Keep up the great work!

  2. Nice. I have also that set.